il cielo set lunch at the Dusit Thani

| September 13, 2012

Went by the Dusit Thani the other day, luckily it was lunch time. I found out they have a new set lunch menu at the Italian venu “il cielo”. The price was very reasonable 2 course for 690, 3 course for 850. We decide to try 3 course; appetizer, main and dessert. 

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Appetizers are limited, only 2 choices; 4 combo hot and cold appetizer platter or a soup of the day. This was a no brainer, 4 combo it is. The dish was presented nicely in a symmetrical way but wait… instead of 4 that day it was five. There was a parma ham with sweet melon, chicken salad, tomato bruschetta, salmon tartare, and at the center piece radicchio crepe. This dish had many varieties of taste and texture, a good start.

For the mains there were many choices, the day I was there, the choices were (other days might have other choices depending on the ingredients available);
1. Radicchio lasagna with taleggio cheese sauce
2. Pan fried halibut with Eggplant “Capponata” and smoked red pepper sauce
3. Pork belly with paprika marinade, savoy cabbage, baby turnip and beers sauce
4. Create your own pizza 4 ingredients of your choice.

My choice was the pork belly. My friend khun Fon had the halibut which was my second choice if I had 2 choices. The halibut had a nice crispy skin and juicy white meat inside.

Pork belly is a really good ingredient that can be easily found. I like to just roast them in the convection oven, with a little trial and error I found a perfect way to roast them to get a crackling crisp skin without any oil. The one created here by the new chef de cuisine Daniele Bettini uses an even more complex method. He told me he boiled it at 90 degrees, pan fried than put it under the salamander oven. When the dish was brought to the table the pork belly was glazed with a savory beer sauce. The pork was perfectly cooked, the meat was tender, tasty crispy skin, and most important is that appealing thin layer of fat. Only thing I would complain about is the side dish, cabbage and turnip. I didn’t read the menu, I saw pork belly and that was it, if I read it more clearly I would have asked to replace cabbage/turnip to mash potato. Still the pork belly was outstanding.


Everyone at the table enjoyed sampling the new dishes here. The appetizer platter and the pork belly I had was really good. From talking to the chef, he had many experience and knows what he is doing. I can’t wait until next time to come back and try his signature pasta dishes.
Dusit Thani Bangkok Tel: 0-2200-9000

The new chef de cuisine Daniele Bettini


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