| December 17, 2011

Iza is now closed!

Iza is an upscale yakiniku and sushi restaurant in soi Thonglor, located on the ground floor of the new Somerset Building.  The restaurant can be access from the main road.

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At the entrance a large sculptural spiral stair case dominates the first floor. Behind the stairs is a sushi bar with comfortable lounge seating. The second floor is the yakiniku zone. The seating’s are like sofas but with tables and grill. With high ceiling and dimmed lighting, Iza has a warm and cozy feel.





























We started with some cocktails. The cocktails here have a lot of creative sake base options. The one I like is the “Spring time in Tokyo” (240) it’s has nice wasabi buzz.

The rolls here are very tasty and of course pretty creative. My favorite was crunchy salmon (140). The crunch combines with fresh salmon is sure to please sushi lovers.

Groovy Little Crab (190) and Druken Dragon (380) with avocado on top are also delicious.

Beautifully arranged wasabi maguro salad (280) has wasabi sesame dressing that goes well with the fresh salad and nicely seared maguro.

We started with the yakiniku with the Trio Platter (480) (beef bacon and chicken). The sauce here is just right, not too sweet not too salty.

Then we tried the Ninja Platter Large (660)

For beef lovers, the Shogun Platter (130) (Australian wagyu) is a must. The platter comes with ribeye, tenderloin and striploin. My favorite was the thinly slice ribeye. It had very good marbling and took only seconds to cook on the hot grill.

Sizzling grilled meats pair with garlic fried rice.

The smokeless grill (good air exhaust system) is an attractive feature that makes Iza different from other Japanese yakiniku restaurants in town because dining here you will not smell like grilled meat afterwards. Iza’s ambiance, creative sushi and yakiniku can be a good start for the night out in Thonglor.

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