Kab Kao Kab Pla

| December 15, 2011

Address:Central World. 6th Floor (Beacon Zone) Open 10am to 10 pm Tel: 023813274 Text/Photo by Vasin Srivarathanabul

Kab Khao Kab Pla” has just open it’s second branch at Central World. Created by the people who created the famous Iberry ice-cream. The new eatery is located on the 6th floor in the Beacon zone. The open plan shop has many seating, all seats look out to the beacon zone where people walk by. It is like a street side cafe’.

The yellow seats are comfortable, a nice place to enjoy people watching. The day light from the high ceiling of the Beacon zone has a unique quality to it, making a pleasure to seat here.

The food here is mostly Thai with a small mixture of western. The Thai creative menu is very appealing. For instance namtok Salmon, Namtok a north eastern dish usually uses beef or pork as the main ingredient. Using raw salmon is clever and works really well. They even put rocket in the namtok to make it more complex and interesting. This is one of my favorite dishes. We tried another dish “stir fried rice noodles in spicy tamarind sauce and New Zealand mussels”. It is very similar to a Padthai. The mussels are large and sweet. One of the most simple dish but done perfectly was the Moo Daddeaw, sun dried pork deep fried to golden. The pork was very tender and tasty, accompany with sticky rice and vegetables.

Apart from the food the dessert and drinks are also very creative. The Blue Mango Berry is a smoothie, a blend of blue berry and mango. The intense flavors are so refreshing.  The Melon Juicy Soda is another must try. Kab Khao Kab Pla is branched out from Iberry, which is well known for their ice-cream using local ingredients. So for dessert we tried Rock ‘n Roll Waffle, a big treat, it could be a meal by itself. The waffles are made hot, soft inside and a bit of crunch outside accompanied with a whole banana, and 2 scoops of ice-cream. To go on top of this there is chocolate sauce, chocolate shavings, pistachio nuts and whip-cream. The ice-cream we choose were coconut sherbet and pandan. Just the ice-cream itself was good with everything else makes it more interesting.

Sampled menu:
Namtok Salmon  185 baht
Stir fried rice noodles with New Zealand mussels  180 baht
Moo Daddeaw  180 baht
Blue Mango Berry  80 baht
Melon Juicy Soda  80 baht
Rock ‘n Roll Waffle  150 Baht

At-Bangkok ratings:
Ambiance  4
Food  4
Service  3
Value  4.5

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