Konnichiwa Brunch at Kisara

| September 4, 2015

Konnichiwa Brunch at Kisara takes place at the Conrad Bangkok on both Saturdays and Sundays. It’s a clever option to offer brunch on Saturdays too.

KiSara is the Japanese Restaurant that serves a wide range of Japanese delicacy, from sashimi to ramen. There is even live tappanyaki station where dinners can sit by the iron griddle and see the chef in action. The atmosphere is warm and cozy. Many seating options;  tappanyaki station, sushi bar, regular seats, and private dining rooms.

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We were there on a Saturday. The restaurant was busy but not too crowded. After being seated we were offered hot towels. The waiters were very attentive. Konnichiwa Brunch at Kisara is an a la carte buffet. In other word you can order whatever you like from to menu at a fixed priced.


The only thing we can’t order are some items from the premium sashimi which is provided as the first dish is the . The dish was filled with high quality items of salmon, tuna, surf clams, hotate and Hamachi. It was all good especially hotate scallops and Hamachi. Hotate and surf clams were the only items that were not available in menu.

We then ordered from the menu which offered a wide variety of choices from sashimi, sushi, sushi roll, chilled starters, hand roll sushi, teppanyaki, soup, noodles, tempura grilled and steam items, skewer items, deep fried, foil grilled items, and dessert. Each type of choices had different protein and vegetables that we can choose. So there were endless of items to choose from.


Hotate sushi, thick slap of Japanese scallop on top small sushi rice. It was very fresh, the gummy texture fill the taste buds with the sweetness from the sea.


Salmon skin; crispy salmon skin on top rolled sushi prawn roe and spicy sauce


Hotate spicy roll


Grill eel sushi; the fatty eel made each bite enjoyable


Deep fried soft shell crab salad


Pawn tempura; medium size prawn nicely fried not greasy


Eel and John dory tempura; eel tempura is interesting; it’s the same eel that is on top the sushi and then fried with tempura batter.


Sillago tempura a small fish that can be eaten whole, again it was fried very nicely.


Japanese oyster grill in foil, grilling the oyster with mushroom is a perfect combination. The juice from all the ingredients combine is very tasty. It creates an umami flavor that is signature to Japanese food.


Teppenyaki scallop; fresh scallop perfectly cooked with only little seasoning.


Teppenyaki beef steak was also cooked perfectly pink in the middle. It was serve with 3 type of sauces.


Chilled wheat soba was refreshing. I really like to have meals where some dishes have different temperature. It makes you want to have more food.

kisara15 kisara14

There wasn’t as many items for dessert, some ice cream, crème brûlée and seasonal fruits. But there was no room left after ordering the many choices the Konnichiwa Brunch at Kisara offered. I personally like the ambiance; not too crowded, and very relaxing. Most of all the quality of food and the amount of items they have of only 1,750 baht net per person is a really good deal.  Also there is an optional free flow sake or prosecco including food at only 2,250 baht.

The “Kisara Konnichiwa Brunch” is served every Saturday and Sunday, from 11.30 AM – 2.30 PM.

KiSara, Japanese Restaurant at 3rd floor, Conrad Bangkok
Open daily:
Lunch 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM
Dinner 6:00 PM – 10:30 PM

For more information and table reservations, please contact Tel: 0 2690 9233,
Email: bkkci.kisara@conradhotels.com

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