Le Bar at Le Beaulieu

| March 12, 2014

Le Beaulieu has recently transformed its former terrace into Le Bar. Le Bar has been creating quite a buzz not only for being the first Veuve Clicquot champagne lounge in Thailand but also for its great food and drinks as well as its relaxed atmosphere. We admire Chef Hervé’s cuisine and his high standards when it comes to food and service (see our previous review of Le Beaulieu), so we knew that Le Bar would be something special.

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Le Bar offers both outdoor tables and air-conditioned tables inside its glass house. The evening we visited, we sat in the air-conditioned section because it was rather hot outside. From Wednesday to Sunday, DJs are set to create mood for customers. The drink list is very elaborate, almost every drink you can imagine. The food menu is usually written on a huge blackboard and the items changes according to the best ingredients of that day. For the evening we started off with its famous Veuve Clicquot Rose and some cocktails.

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Le Bar’s signature cocktail:  With passion (395 baht): very refreshing with a hint of passion fruit.


Marinated bell peppers and anchovies (200 baht): The sweet bell peppers and salty anchovies were perfect combinations. Of course the best quality anchovies from Spain played a big part in this dish.


Veuve Clicquot Rose (750 baht/glass; 3,450/bottle): Veuve Clicquot Rose is hard to beat when served chilled.


Le Bar’s signature cocktail:  LB Sling (395 baht): also very refreshing


Deep fried artichoke stuff with Italian sausage (350 baht): Perfectly fried artichoke, crunchy on the outside but soft and juicy on the inside. The artichoke was not too salty and the Italian sausage was tasty.


Duck rillette on French bread (490 baht): The duck rillette was awesome, creamy and salty, the way it supposes to be.


Octopus salad (490 baht): The dressing was light and the sweet octopus and crunchy texture of the vegetable was very nice.


Tempura frog legs (150 baht): Very nice and light tempura batter. Crunchy and sweet frog legs from France were served with garlic mashed potatoes.


Baked razor clam (650 baht): The sweet and succulent razor clam just arrived fresh from Italy. They were perfectly baked with garlic and light arugula pesto. This dish was a real delight.


Half roasted baby Bresse chicken (750 baht): The roasted chicken was very succulent. The caramelized onions added an extra layer of flavor to the dish and roasted potatoes were very tasty.


At the end we also ordered desserts from Le Beaulieu. Millefeuille served with vanilla ice cream (590 baht): The crispy then pastry and layer of cream filling was delightful.


Panna cotta served with passion fruit sorbet (590 baht): The panna cotta was very creamy but not too sweet, while the passion fruit sorbet had the right degree of sourness. They were perfect combinations.


Needless to say our experience at Le Bar was pleasant like our previous visit to Le Beaulieu. The atmosphere was relaxed and the staffs were attentive. Unlike many other places in Bangkok gets by with average, Le Bar only offers excellent food and drinks. However, its excellence does come with a high price tag, a trade-off that many would gladly accept.

Opening Hours
- Evening from 5:30 pm – 1:00 am
- Closed on Sundays

For Reservation call: +66 0 2 1688220


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