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| June 7, 2012

Coming from Bangkuntien which is on the Thonburi side on a rush hour weekday, to make it on time, I had to park my car at the Sala Rim Nam which is on the opposite side of the Mandarin Oriental. It was quiet convenient. If I were to go the Oriental directly it would have been an additional ½ hour or more. I arrived during twilight which is the best time to come here. The boat ride across the Chaopraya river offers vibrant view of Bangkok and the river which is always a nice way to start the evening.

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I had a meeting with 2 good friends at Lord Jims. The dinning space offers a panoramic view of the river with an underwater themed décor. Tables are well separated providing privacy to each table.

We were told that chef Stefan Trepp is now in charge of the new menu at Lord Jims. He has been working at many leading hotels and resorts around the world. So we all agreed to try the new menu.

We started with an amuse bouche, three varieties of tartare on a cone; tomatoes, tuna and salmon, to go with it a 2009 Louis Michel & Fil Chablis. The refreshing citrus compliment light seafood dishes well.

The essence and bitterness of the lobster bisque was charming as well as how this dish was presented. Served on the side with Lobster tail, cream cheese and smoky herring caviar.

While we were dinning, there was a nice display of fire works. which seem to be a marriage proposal. There are occasional private fire works like this happening, I’ve seen a couple of them when I was previously here and there are always nice.

Foie gras terrine by Chef Stefan, looked like a work of art. It was sprayed with Valrhona chocolate. Serve with Raspberry, pickled shimeji mushroom, green apple sauce and edible flowers.

I’m beginning to see the chef is not focusing only on taste but creating an edible form of art. He composition his ingredients as dot line plane, using the dish as a canvas. Slow roasted scallop, was cooked the way it should be seared caramelized outside a bit raw inside. It comes with quail eggs white asparagus and colorful flowers.

Trio of Granite; Anchor flower-lemongrass, Orange-thyme, Strawberry-basil, an Italian frozen dessert like a sherbet but taste much lighter and the ice is less fine. It came in a big sculpturistic bowl, I thought it was going to be too much but it was so refreshing and light it went down very easy.

The first taste of the Yarra Valley lamb loin got me thinking “why is this piece of lamb so small?”. It comes with red wine onion, white asparagus and morel mushroom, goat cheese soufflé. The lamb was cooked medium rare, well seasoned; I couldn’t have enough.

Fresh raspberry filled with raspberry jam layer on top white chocolate and raspberry chewy gelatin with raspberry and lime sherbet on top crushed pistachios.

The grand petit fours, was beautifully display with many varieties of chocolate truffles. I could not resist trying many of them.
The Mandarin Oriental has to be one of my favorite riverside hotels in Bangkok. The new menu we tried at Lord Jims will be a new favorite. It was well rounded. We tried many varieties all looked and tasted gorgeous. I’d be looking forward to come back.
48 Oriental Avenue, Bangkok 10500, T: +66 (2) 659 9000

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