| June 3, 2013
We recently checked out Mandopop (Mandarin Popular Music) at the Oriental Residence on Wireless road. We have heard a lot of good reviews about Mandopop, so we had pretty high expectation. Chef Adrian Chua described Mandopop’s concept as modern Chinese cuisine, which is a rather new concept for Thailand but already popular in places like Singapore and Shanghai. The restaurant has high ceiling and it is beautifully decorated with mixture of contemporary Western and Chinese influences.

We started with a couple of pieces of complimentary fried tofu with salt and pepper – an equivalent of amuse broche in western cuisine. The tofu was crispy on the outside but still smooth and creamy on the inside. If we have a full plate of these morsels, they would be gone in minutes.

For appetizers, we started with a variety of dim sum dishes. Mandopop makes its own dim sums with the best ingredient and its high quality was reflected in the appearances as well as their tastes.


Xiao long pao or steamed soupy pork dumpling (120 baht). This was perfectly executed, extra thin skin, tender pork, and right amount of soup.


Steamed foie gras rice roll, or rice crepe (300 baht). Again extra thin rice skin with tender tasty foie gras with sweet sauce. This was a nice blend of East meets West.


Steamed pork ribs with black bean sauce (100 baht). The pork ribs were steamed until tender with black bean sauce.


Pan seared foie gras with crispy duck skin (450 baht). This was our favorite appetizer dish and again a nice East meets West. The Peking duck skin was very crispy while the foie gras was buttery, perfect matched with sweet soy sauce and mango salad.


Roasted pork and duck platter (200 baht). Normally these two items are the most basic indicator for any good Chinese restaurants. Of course, Mandopop’s roasted pork and duck passed this the test with distinction.


Seafood hot and sour soup (235 baht). The best hot and sour soup we ever had. It was very tasty with the right amount of spiciness.

Scallop noodles (150 baht). Made with all scallop, the noodle was very tender and sweet.
The special stock (hours of stewing) served with the noodle enhanced the overall flavor of this dish.

For the main courses, we started with stir fried tenderloin of beef in black pepper sauce. The beef was extremely tender not just because the quality of beef but also the cooking technique. Chef Chua described that mastering this dish required a good understanding of beef as well as a commercial grade gas stove. The wok must be heated with high BTU stove until sizzling hot before stir frying the beef for just a couple of minutes. The beef is then put aside to rest and the sauce is prepared. The last step is to stir fried the beef with the sauce, only a couple of tosses are required or else the beef would be tough.


Stir-fried assorted vegetable and fried tofu with chef’s spicy chili sauce (200 baht). The chili sauce gave a distinct taste to the veggies, while Mandopop’s in-house tofu with a thin layer of spinach on top was perfectly fried and served with spicy chili sauce.


Steamed cod fish with preserved vegetables (350 baht). The cod was perfectly cooked and the sauce and the mushrooms were a nice match to the tender fish.


Bake Garoupa (grouper fish) with sambal chili sauce (350 baht). Another nice dish, the sambal may look intimidating but it was not too spicy, it only enhanced the flavor of this fish.


Crispy lamb rack stuffed with fish served with mushroom sauce (600 baht). This was more of a Western dish than a Chinese dish to us. Using pork chop would be just fine too but again we find the lamb chops delicious.


Seafood fried rice with Chef’s spicy chili sauce (230/380 baht). Fragrance from rice and hot wok was too irresistible, so we could still find room for Mandopop’s fried rice.


Avocado ice cream was very creamy and delightful.


For desserts, Chilled mango pudding was very refreshing. We could do without the whipped cream.


Our favorite was poached pear in Chrysanthemum with toddy palm in light syrup because it was not too sweet and perfect ending to a nice Chinese meal.

Mandopop’s modern Chinese cuisine is an interesting concept since when it comes to Chinese food, serving family style i.e. large portion for the whole family to share, usually comes to mind. Additionally, dining ambiance usually is not the main priority for most Chinese restaurants, as we usually notice that loud noise is part and parcel of Chinese food scene. Mandopop has upgraded the dining experience of Chinese cuisine by offering nice ambience and even romantic settings. The individual portion gives a facelift to Chinese cuisine but Mandopop still preserves the same traditional ingredients and methods of cooking that make Chinese food one of the best cuisines in the world. Building on this concept, Chinese cuisine could be very sexy indeed.
Chef Adrian Chua
Mandopop serves dinner daily from 17.00 – 24.00 hrs. and lunch only on Sunday from 11.30- 14.30 hrs.
For more details contact:
110 Wireless Road Bangkok
02 125 9000 or 02 252 8001-5
Text by: Vasu Srivarathanabul Ph.D.

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