Master Cheese Maker at Scarlett Wine Bar&Restaurant 19-24 NOV

| November 15, 2012

Gérard Poulard: The Cheese Master
at Scarlett Wine Bar & Restaurant, Pullman Bangkok Hotel G

19-24 November 2012


France’s official Cheese Ambassador to the world makes an exclusive rendezvous withour very own Scarlett during 19 to 24 November 2012, bringing nearly 100 varieties of French farmed cheese from the best of the best boutique producers.

Gérard Poulard, in collaboration with his son Olivier, has received a long list ofprestigious awards for his expertise and knowledge regarding one of France’s most delicious exports, including The Order of Agricultural Merit, the Cordon Bleu France, and the Prosper Montagné from Quality House. Since 1999, he has become known internationally asmentor to the enjoyment and display of the fine cheeses sought after by gourmet dining restaurants in over 22 countries around the world.

At Scarlett Wine Bar and Restaurant, the Cheese Master will demonstrate his talent for superbly and meticulously arranging thetastes and textures of a wide range of France’s numerous cheeses with breads, cold cuts, wines, fruits, teas, without limit, until the tongue writhes in ecstasy!

Come with mere curiosity to this unique presentation and walk away in love, bearingthe names of such delicious cheesesas Pavin d”Auvergne Guillaume, Brie de Meaux Suzerain, Abondance Thones Fermiere—anda further plethora of nearly 100 cheese—unforgettablyon your palate. By platter, with cold cuts, and paired with the perfect French wines, make Scarlett’s date with the Cheese Ambassador and enjoy the delectableinheritance of a truly exquisite knowledge.

Scarlett Wine Bar & Restaurant is located on the37th floor, Pullman Bangkok Hotel G
Open: Monday to Saturday from 6:00 pm to 1:00 pm(Closed on Sunday)

Book now via telephone: 0 2238 1991 or email:
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