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| August 18, 2014


Medinii at the Continent hotel is famous for its Italian lunch buffet and usually advertises itself for having the best pasta in town. When we first learned about this claim, we thought that it was quite a bold statement to make in a city filled with nice Italian restaurants. However, Medinii’s Italian lunch buffet has impressed us in terms of quality and value (499++baht), so we have become regular customers. We recently visited Medinii for dinner to try its a la carte menu.

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For the evening we started with the wild rocket, sun-dried tomatoes salad with parmesan and balsamic vinegar dressing (270++baht). The salad was full of flavors: the spiciness and nuttiness of the rocket; tanginess from the tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes and balsamic dressing; and saltiness from the parmesan and croutons.


Australian white wine by the glass (350++baht). Nice and dry, very refreshing.


Black mussels in white wine garlic sauce (400++baht). The mussels were fresh and sweet and the garlic and dried chili were nice condiments. However, more sauce to the dish would make it nicer.


Angel hair with seafood in garlic olive oil sauce (380++baht). As we expected, the pasta was an absolutely delight, with generous garlic and chili.  The pasta was and the seafood was cooked to perfection.


Pan fried snow fish served with green pea puree, wild rocket and tomato sauce (450++baht).
A nice piece of pan fried snow fish- very tender and moist. The pea puree was nice, a more generous portion would be good to this dish.


Grilled rib eye steak with mash potatoes and peppercorn sauce (780++baht). The steak was tender and juicy but some parts were really tough, while nicely seasoned peppercorn sauce enhanced the flavor of the steak.


Tiramisu (260++baht) topped with mini chocolate balls and cocoa powder. The coffee flavor was strong and fragrant and the mascarpone cream was light and silky. We also liked this because it was not too sweet.


Vanilla raspberry panna cotta (260++baht). Nice crumble on top along with strawberries but the star was the silky panna cotta and raspberry sauce- a nice ending to a meal.


The view of the 35th floor of the Continent hotel at night was also nice making the whole meal even more pleasant. Medinii recently launched a new promotion 999 ++ baht, which includes
1) free flow of wine, beer, cocktails and soft drinks 2) all you can eat pasta and pizza 3) one selection of main course and 4) one selection of dessert. This is a must try promotion and available only on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 18.00-22.00 hrs. Come and experience for yourself, whether Medinii has the best pasta in town. For more details and reservation call 02 686 7000

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