Michelin Star Chef Julien Montbabut at VIE Hotel Bangkok

| February 17, 2016
Exclusively at VIE Hotel Bangkok, 1-Michelin Star Chef Julien Montbabut is the head chef of Le Restaurant, a popular dining spot for local and international celebrities at well known L’Hotel in Paris, France. He is a master of sensuous tastes creating incomparable juices, sauces and seasonings. Discover the world of culinary pleasure he has prepared for you with a 6-course set dinner at La VIE – Creative French Cuisine in VIE Hotel Bangkok.1-Michelin Star Chef Julien Montbabut brings his Michelin star talents to La VIE – Creative French Cuisine for 4 days only, during 23rd – 26th March 2016.


Mark it on your calendar to attend the splendid 6-course dinner from Michelin Star Chef Julien Montbabut and discover the pleasure that awaits you. Book now for the meal of a lifetime! Limited seats!!

  • 6-Course Set Dinner is priced at 5,000 net per person.
  • 6-Course Set Dinner with wine pairing is priced at 7,000 net per person.

Dinner is served at 7 pm.


Amuse bouche

Snacks- Tile Rice and Mussels with Curry
Tube Crispy Dried Porcini Mushrooms and Parsley
Orange Tart and Campari



Cucumber – Horseradish Emulsified Milk
Delicate Jelly, Smoked Eel

Beautiful Norway Lobster – Sour Cream
Marinated à La Minute, Radish


Main Dishes

Sea bass – Juice of Fish Bones
Cooked on the Skin, Sweet & Bitter Salad

Morel – Parisian Mushroom Bouillon
Stew, Jura Wine Sabayon


Farm Pigeon – Devil Sauce
Roasted on the Chest, Varieties of Cabbage


Arlette – VanillaDiplomat Cream

Baked Apple Puffed Raisins

Lemon – Italian Meringue
On a Biscuit, Creamy and Zesty


Petit four



Truffle Chocolate and Coffee
Marshmallow Poppy and Poppy
Sandy Diamond and Caramel

Biography of Michelin Starred Chef Julien Montbabut

Julien Montbabut is a master of succulent sauces and sensuous seasonings. He turns the classics of traditional French cuisine into a thrilling and modern delight. Julien trained at the esteemed École Ferrandi in Paris and continued to perfect his talents in distinguished restaurants in Paris, such as Jamin and the Pavillon Ledoyen.

In 2005 he joined Le Restaurant at L’Hotel, and soon after the establishment earned a Michelin star. Later, taking a position as Deputy Chef at Pavilion de la Grande Cascade, also awarded a Michelin star. Julien returned to Le Restaurant in 2011, much to the joy of its diners, and received his own Michelin star in 2012.

A perfectionist, Julian’s cuisine is delicate, with ingredients carefully selected. Beautiful and delicious, it is well known for seducing the eye before ravishing the palate. Discover the pleasure at La VIE – Creative French Cuisine during 23rd – 26th March 2016.

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