New Michelin Starred Chef at Enoteca Bangkok Italian Restaurant

| December 3, 2018


New Michelin Starred Chef at Enoteca Bangkok’s Italian fine dining Restaurant. Chef Stefano Borra from Turin, Pedemont, had a very extensive experience in France culinary scene. After his long period in France he came back to Turin where he started to work for Le Meridien Hotel in Turin and at La Pista restaurant as Chef de cuisine. In 2007 he opened his own restaurant VO and in 2012 he was awarded the prestigious Michelin star, that he confirms till 2016. Looking for new experiences he decided to do a big change in his life and join Enoteca Italiana Bangkok.

Enoteca was created in 2004 by Giancarlo (former real estate developer) and his son Nicola (former financial planner). The original idea included the aspect of the promotion of Italian wines, along with serving well-matched simple foods. However, with time and the help of skilled chefs, it turned into a fine dining restaurant it is today. Enoteca can now be considered as one of the, if not the most authentic Italian gourmet restaurants in Bangkok as well as on of the list of best Italian Restaurant in Bangkok.
Menu serve in the video:
1. Icy crab: crab pate crab meat, oyster leafs salad flowers 790 B
2. Foie Gras Creme Brulee 790 B
3. Lasagna 2017 Granny would never be able to do it. 690 B
4. Roasted Venison with pop corns, caramelized peach beans pure, mango’s drops 1,300 B
5. Chocolate after eight cigar 430 B

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