nahm a Thai name spelled in English

| December 16, 2011

nahm Bangkok just opened in September 2010 at The Metropolitan Bangkok. It has an imported Australian chef David Thompson that has a Michelin star. He got the Michelin star from the Thai restaurant with the same name in London.

….That can be pretty confusing, let me try it again.

The Australian chef opened a Thai restaurant in London. He gets a Michelin star there. Now he opens a new restaurant in Bangkok with the same name as the one in London. This is a good indication of globalization and something interesting about the origin of this new restaurant.

After the first day it soft launched we went there for dinner. The decoration was not all completed. But the restaurant was more than half full. Nahm replaced one of Bangkok’s well known Mediterranean restaurants “Cyan”. It has a contemporary interior with more decoration than the zen interior of Cyan. The most obvious feature is the abstract upside down chedi inspired pillars.
On the menu a variety of northern Thai to southern cuisine and anything in between. We tried the set meal. Each person gets to choose many items from the menu starting with appetizers in the form of canapés, soups, Thai salad or stir fried item, and main dishes which is curry or namprik(a hot spicy dip serve with vegetables) and dessert.

Items served in sequence;

Ma hor an old Thai dish, not a very common these days. It is serve as amuse-bush.

Meang som O; Pomelo salad with grilled prawn on betel leaf.

Kabmu namprik num; pork rinds with northern spicy chilli relish and quail eggs and Meekrob; sweet sour deep fried noodles with pawn

Kora hoi magpu; a southern style grilled mussel

Tom yam kai and blood clams; spicy chicken, straw mushroom and clams

Keang jud Ped yang mapraow oon; roast duck soup with young coconut

Yam kaiyang; a roast chicken salad.

Plala songklung, fermented fish dip.

Keang taipla; a southern curry made of fish kidney, crispy dried prawns and fish, chicken liver.

Stir fried pak warn

Sala loi keaw and kanom tom kao

Kaonaew dum lumyai and maprao oon puek rangnok

The canapés were interesting; it provides a good introduction to a variety of Thai Cuisine from north to south. I was impressed with keang taipla a southern signature dish.  At first it appeared mild but very tasty.  After the first spoon, it starts to get hot and hotter. It is one of the hottest dishes I’ve had in many years. And it’s a contradiction that an Australian is cooking this. When I’m so used to see farang having a red face with only a small amount of chili.  Another favorite is the Stir fried pak warn. A simple dish, pak warn stir fried on a hot wok with some seasoning. Pak warn is a local vegetable that has not gone main stream, it’s not easy to find in modern markets but could be found in local markets in many regions of Thailand and neighboring country. It has a really nice smokey flavor from the hot wok.  There was one disappointment the Plala songklung, it doesn’t have enough plala. Plala is a fermented fish that is supposed to have a very pungent scent. All other dishes of David Thomson have intense flavors and was enjoyable.  It was an eye opener to try a Thai meal by an Australian chef with a  Michelin star of Thai food.  It has a familiar Thai tasted but some dishes were very different from the usual, but it is no-doubt Thai food. The dishes served showed character.

Set menu per person 1,500++

Text/photo: Vasin Srivarathanabul

The Metropolitan, 27 South Sathorn Road Tungmahamek, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120, Thailand Telephone:+66 (0)2 625 3333


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