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| May 16, 2014
Last time when I was at Nadaman, it was one of the best meals I had in Tokyo. All the meals I had in Tokyo had been very good but the one here at Nadaman Shangri-La Tokyo really stands out. This time we just had to come back and experience it all again.

Since the no visa policy to Japan was issued, Tokyo is the most popular destination for Thais. I feel that from bumping into Thais in many of the tourist places in Tokyo. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Thai dinning here. But from my observation most of the clients when we were at Nadaman is mostly Japanese.
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The ambiance is as beautiful as the first time I was here. The sakura flower relief at the entrance and the center piece sculpture of ginko leaves was very stunning. Dimly lit dinning space with large glass windows providing bird-eye views of Tokyo in the Marunochi area makes it a perfect location for dinning a Kaiseki style Japanese feast.
There were many options on the menu, from ala carte to a variety of set menus. To really get the Kaiseki experience you would have to order the set menus. Last time we had such a great experience, we ordered the same thing “the Wazanmai set” price at 12,500 yen (around 4,000 baht).
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To start our dinner we tried the sparkling sake. It was served like champagne in a champagne glass.
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Not long the first dish came to our table. It was a set of appetizers in 3 beautiful mini bowls. Milk tofu had a delicate texture served on top with sweet crab meat. Chilled vegetable was in some kind for savory broth with crispy thin fried squid. Chopped tuna and Ikura on rice was very umami. These dishes were all light and provide all types of flavors and textures.
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Next came the sashimi; tuna, sea bass, and squid. They were very fresh and pleasant.
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Lightly battered tempura; it was one of the lightless battered tempura I ever had, you can even see through the batter. It was fried just to get the batter crisp, leaving the pawn medium rare. This makes it very juicy and provides an interesting texture. It was served with sea salt and tempura dip sauce.
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Mix salad all chilled with an interesting ingredient, the roselle.  Served with a light sesame dressing. The roselle went well with the other vegetables but it standout texture wise. It was very crunchy at the same time it had some kind of filling that was appetizing.
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The beef dish was the wagyu steak. It was cooked perfectly caramelized outside inside pink even a little bloody. It was very tender served with grilled mushroom, zucchini, lotus root, and garlic chips.
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The last main dish was a beautiful plate of sashimi, from left; chutoro, red snapper, sea bream and squid. All were very different and extremely pleasing to the taste.
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The dessert was Vanilla ice cream and tapioca with Gula Malacca. It does resemble the South East Asian dessert with the tapioca (similar to sago) and coconut milk.
Wazanmai in Japanese; wa means Japanese, zanmai means indulgence. The 2 word together is “Japanese indulgence”. This is what we had here at Nadaman Shangri-La Tokyo. The staple of different Japanese dishes all in one meal with beautiful ambiance, impeccable service and views.
Nadaman  29th floor, Shangri-La Tokyo Marunouchi Trust Tower Main, 1-8-3 Marunouchi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-8283, Japan T:(81 3) 6739 7888  

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