Negroni MasterClass 2017 at Marriott Bangkok Sukhumvit

| March 21, 2017
Independent Wine & Spirit (Thailand) Co., Ltd. presents “Negroni Master Class 2017”, a trade focused on educational and bartending class for all bartenders. To encourage innovation in their products, techniques and recipes used and the level of service provided, so that participants can create unique experiences for their guests. The Masterclass provided an in-depth look at the upcoming trends in mixology, notably the aged cocktail revolution, and to introduce new concepts to the established cocktail culture of Thailand.    DSC_3800The Masterclass was held at Marriott Bangkok Sukhumvit Hotel on Monday 13th March 2017. Led by Daniele Pirotta, Campari Brand Ambassador, along with two special guests, Michele Montauti and Hideyuki Saito. Daniele Pirotta is originally from Milano-Italy, his illustrious career has literally taken him around the globe. Dani is truly one of the most passionate people you will ever meet. His approach to drinks is focused on balance. This can be seen through seasonal produce, fresh and exotic ingredients while always paying homage to classic cocktail recipes and exploring modern and innovative techniques. DSC_3855 DSC_3597 The Negroni a simple blend of Campari, vermouth and Gin. The story goes that the drink was invented in Florence in 1919 when Count Negroni asked for a slug of gin in his Americano in place of the soda. So the aromatic and dangerously alcoholic Negroni was born, and thence adopted by Italians as an appetite-building pre-dinner drink, or a palate-cleansing settler for afterwards. DSC_3360 The drink has rarely been tampered with in the near-century since it was born. It’s now a super-modish choice in hipster pubs and enthusiastic cocktail bars, where whole Negroni menus are emerging, but the basic blueprint remains the same – making it an easy cocktail to whip up, one part gin, one part vermouth rosso and one part Campari, garnished with orange peel. DSC_3699 Negroni – Barrel ageing In basic terms, Mixologists put Negroni in a barrel and wait. The alcohol extracts colour and flavours from the wood over time and the resulting cocktail is more than a sum of its parts. The cocktail picks up some of the flavours from the wood, the cocktail also oxidizes, creating some of the nutty flavours you might taste in the final cocktail; the wood also reacts with the cocktail, creating the sugars that give the drink its softness and help integrate the different elements. DSC_4010 The event was both educational and entertaining as everyone get to sample the different characteristic of the ingredients of each cocktail. Not only that we tried the creative cocktails from the master mixologist, we had the chance to make our own. The event ended with a party with many varieties of cocktails to enjoy with like mind groups’ people.
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