The Best Nightlife Hotels in Bangkok

| November 11, 2015

If you are traveling to Thailand, chances are you are going to want to pass through Bangkok. And if you are passing through Bangkok, there is a very high likelihood that you are there for more than just the history and the culture to explore: you are in fact there for the nightlife.


Yes, there are the bars, the nightclubs, and then when you get bored of those, you can go back to your hotel room for online casinos (here you can found details about paypal casinos). But some of the very best nightlife scenes can be found in the hotels themselves; the hotels try to monetise the fact that their guests are already spending on luxury holidays, and want to offer the fullest and most convenient experience without having to go very far.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at two of the best hotels with nightlife that Bangkok has to offer.


The Landmark Hotel

This is one of the originals to have graced the sides of Sukhumvit Road, an icon in major Asian cities for its old-school, luxurious charms. This has everything you could need within a stone’s throw, whether it’s the multiple restaurants in and around the hotel itself. Other amenities include spas, cheap tailors (so you can buy whatever sized clothes you fancy, then get it custom fit), and enough shopping to make your knees buckle. Hotel reviews have all been very favourable, and for good reason: no shortage of things to do, luxurious rooms and surroundings, and bars, lounges, and cafes to fit your style (even by the pool).


The Furama Silom

While this hotel may not have the same prestige as some of its bigger cousins, what it lacks in sheer luxury it more than makes up for in style. This three and a half star offering features a sleek pool with red cloth long-chaises and mood lighting on the deck that illuminates the trees perfectly. Not only that, but from the bar and pool area, guests can enjoy an unfettered view from the hotel terrace of the magnificent Bangkok skyline. This is truly a sight to behold, and one you have to see for yourself to truly appreciate. Of course, while this hotel may not have a spa, amenities like a restaurant, lounge, and fitness centre are also on offer to tourists. More of a value option that a complete splurge, the Furama Silom is more than enough to please.

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