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| December 15, 2011

Address:Central World. 6th Floor (next to ZEN dept store)
Open 10am to 10 pm
Tel: 02 646 1580
Text/Photo by Vasin Srivarathanabul

I’ve passed by this place many times. Many times I’m temped to go in. Craving for some nice Italian I’m not sure if my satisfaction will be met by a restaurant in a shopping mall.

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From the outside this eatery looks small but once inside there are more seating spaces at the back. The color schemes, decorations and bright lights resembles the Mediterranean. The sky is realistically painted to the celling.  You can almost feel like seating underneath the Mediterranean sky. From the seats you can see an open kitchen and the bar, that display imported products cheese. ham, etc. We were greeted by Kriangsak the restaurant manager. He directed us to a sofa in between 2 swings hanging from the ceiling and recommend some signature dishes. What he recommended sounds pretty good, so we agreed with his recommendation.

We didn’t wait too, long the food started to appear on our table. The first one was a rockets salad with pesto and balsamic dressing toped with prosciutto ham, pawn poached in spicy tomato sauce, and parmesan. This is an interesting rockets dish. The biter rocket went very well with the sharp sour tomato dressing accompanied with perfectly cooked pawns. The next one seafood nero, black spaghetti with spicy squid ink seafood sauce.  The sauce has an intense garlic taste.  It is hard to describe how black it is, it would be the kind of black you want your shirt to be. But not as stain, which might be the case because the black ink can get all over and it is so obvious on the month, the teeth. Apart from the mess it was well worth it. While finishing up the spaghetti the Spanish Sausage Pizza was waiting for us. The dough was thin and crispy with a thick layer of cheese.

To end this meal in a good way Panna cotta, chocolate mouse and Italian soda. If you want affordable real Italian in Central World this is one of the places to get it.

Sampled menu:
Rocket salad  200 baht
Seafood Nero  200 baht
Spanish Sausage Pizza  320 baht
Panna Cotta  70 Baht
Chocolate mouse  70 baht
Italian soda  80 Baht
Promotions: All you can eat Pizza, Pasta, and Panini for 333 baht

At-Bangkok ratings:
Ambiance  3
Food  4
Service  3.5
Value  4.5

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