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| October 30, 2021


For many years, Thailand has experienced challenges in almost every sphere of life. However, the situation has changed and now this country with a 69.8 million population and $501.6 billion GDP is one of the top-10 economies of Asia. The number of software development companies grows and many of them are occupied in creating world-known games of outstanding quality. If you want to be aware of the newest online casinos in Thailand, as well as the games and development studios, continue reading our overview further.

Mobile games

Thailand is one of the most important mobile gaming markets in Southeast Asia. At the moment, there are 530+ official Thai publishers on Google Play who have created more than 1,600 games in lots of categories. The most popular ones are City Coach Bus Simulator and Soccer Super Star. In total, the sector generates 400,000 annual downloads.

According to the predictions, the Thai mobile gaming revenues are going to increase by 8.4% in the upcoming years and equal $78 million. This will result in the implementation of the newest technologies and software including augmented and virtual reality. Plus, mobile games will allow smooth and convenient in-app purchases including crypto and other secure methods.


Arcade games

For years, arcade games remain one of the most popular pastimes for Thai players. They enjoy pinball, electro-mechanical, and coin-operated machines of all sorts across the country. The most popular centers are Gateway Ekamai, Lazgam Laser Games, and Flow How Bangkok. However, players no longer have to attend land-based cafes to play arcade games because more and more online alternatives emerge. Thanks to outstanding design, lots of customization features, and demo modes online arcade games are expected to take over the market in the nearest future.


Skill games

There are around 32 million gamers in Thailand making it one of the most profitable markets in Southeast Asia. No wonder why the industry is developing at a breakneck speed. Skill games are one of the most dynamic categories because they have simple rules and great design. Some of the most popular are Honey Snatch, Lost Cubes, and Slots Agent. All of them are available in free and paid modes, can be played on a desktop, mobile, and even Facebook. And the best part is that skill games engage lots of different topics, so there is always an option to taste.

In total, there are 32 gaming startups in Thailand and most of them choose skill games as the target niche. Very soon we will surely witness a few exciting launches!

The best game developers in Thailand

Thailand is already home to many famous developers not only in the Asian but worldwide market. They are known and praised for their skills, attention to detail, and excellent vision of the future. Let us name only some of the names:

  • Asiasoft. The company was founded in 2001 with the main office in Bangkok. This game operator works not only for Thailand but Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia as well. It develops games and offers turn-key management solutions.

  • Sanuk Games. This studio has a rich 20-year history with more than 70 games under its belt. The most popular creations are Brick Breaker, Mahjong, and Bombing Bastards.

  • 7 Raven Studios. Located in Phuket and New York, this company has created tens of games not only for PC but also mobile. Since 2017, they develop games for Xbox, Nintendo, and Playstation.

  • Playlab Games. It is a team of dedicated developers from Bangkok who create top-notch games of the highest quality. You can download them at App Store, Amazon Apps, and Play Market.

What does the future withhold? 

A recent survey shows that 39% of Thais spend 1-2 hours on a single session of online games. This shows a significant interest of the locals and motivates game developers to offer new quality products. In November 2021, a few Thai companies will participate in the Global Gaming Expo Asia which is a great indicator that the international developers reckon with the Thai ones.

Despite several restrictions and limitations, the industry continues to evolve and the gaming culture is in full bloom. It is a win-win situation both for the players, government, and developers, so we are sure that more and more gaming companies will emerge in the nearest future.


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