Parisian Ham at Scarlett Wine Bar & Restaurant

| May 14, 2014
Direct from the Burgundy area of France, world renowned expert in the art of preparing fine pork, French Cold Cuts Master Michel Brisson visits Scarlett Wine Bar & Restaurant on the 37th floor of Pullman Bangkok Hotel G for the month May.

Michel Brisson is descended from a long line of pork butchers and takes full advantage of the benefits modern technology lends to hygiene and security. However, for Master Michel, “The passion of progress does not exclude the cult of tradition”.  His ambition is to make his diners rediscover the famous pork products of former days that you could appreciate as a first course, in a hotpot or in a delightful choucroute—an experience of nostalgia and culinary joy. With his successful grill range, where tradition mixes with Provençal flavors, this allows him to make his famous Savour’os and Rond’os and elaborate terrines containing thousands of flavors, from the more traditional to the more artistic.


The pigs are raised in France with respect to the health and well-being of the animal in order to develop high quality products. They receive a special vegetable and mineral diet comprising at least 60% cereals. The production is transparent at all levels. Michel guaranties that 100% of the raw materials used in their products have an irreproachable quality.  Michel Brisson’s cold cuts are traditional and free of any unnecessary ingredients. They are permitted to contain two additives maximum, which are crucial for anti-oxidation and conservation. The quantity of salt added in the cold cuts is controlled and has been reduced during the past few years. Is it still an important ingredient that improves the taste of the cold cuts, allows a longer conservation and has a stabilizing power. The salt used is from Salies-de-Béarn, in the South of France and it is 100% natural. It is the same salt used for the famous Bayonne Ham. Pork as a meat has the most balanced lipid profile. It is also by far the richest meat in vitamin B1.


The menu of the delicious and nutritious meat offered at Scarlett will include his marvellous Le Savour’Os – The best selected full leg of honey ham. Also available will be Roti De Porc Cuit Grille, pork loin cooked with herbs and grilled; Pastourelle A La Moutarde, pork meat balls; Terrine De Campagne Le Campaillou, good old fashioned pate, such as everyone remembers and loves; Terrine Aux 2 Foies A La Solognote, goose liver and pork liver pate; La Saussice Fume, Smoked sausage; and savoury Les Jarretons Cuits A L’os, which is the top pork trotter cooked on the bone.


The variety is tantalizing and the memories will be cherished on the palette for years to come. It may take several visits to taste them all.

Scarlett Wine Bar & Restaurant is located on the 37th floor, Pullman Bangkok Hotel G
Open: Daily from 6:00pm to 1:00pm
Book via telephone: 0 2238 1991 or email:

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