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| June 16, 2014

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One of the reason we like coming here is the ambiance. The view is amazing, you can see Bangkok skyline at the same time observe the activities happening at Lumpini Park. The tables are nicely spread apart. The space is interestingly designed: one side is large glass windows, the other is reflective surfaces. It’s the kind of place that can make you feel out of place. When it gets dark, the dimly lit space can be difficult to walk to the toilet. Once you get to the toilet you realize the sink is not only a sink but it is also a model terrain. It is that kind of place.

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We have dined at Park Society several times and we have always left the place happy and satisfied. We recently visited Park Society as we heard that Chef Angela Brown has been appointed as the new chef de cuisine. Chef Brown has tremendous experienced and flair to offer Bangkok’s food scene, so we were thrilled to try her newly designed menu. For the evening we ordered, Chef Brown’s 5 course menu for the month of June (2,999   baht ++) as well as some a la carte items.

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mushroom pate

Amuse-bouche: Nice mushroom pâté on toast.

assorted breads

Assorted breads served with butter and light pesto. Freshly baked bread with butter is hard to resist but it is filling and may ruin your appetite for greater things to come later.

bread and wine

For the evening we had Cote Du Rhone, Parallele from France (1,900 baht), full bodied and goes well with our red meat dishes.

Shrimp Salad

So Organic Spring Salad (600 baht) with Tiger Prawn: Sauteed tiger prawn with mixed salad, tomato, parmesan and balsamic vinaigrette. The prawns were cooked perfectly in my opion. It was raw and translucent inside that . Making it naturally sweet while the balsamic dressing has the right amount of acidity. It made us linger for more. 

Tuna tartar somtum

(Set) Tuna Som Tum: Tuna dice mix with peanuts crust, crispy shallot, green mango dice, Som tum Dressing and Green salad. Inspired by a famous Thai papaya salad, this dish was also a nice adaptation of tuna tartar. The spicy and tangy som tum added a nice texture and great flavors to the raw tuna – ceviche Thai style.

beautiful foie gras

Pan seared foie gras (from France) with toasted brioche, fresh berries, almonds and pomegranate sauce (900 baht). The dish was too beautiful to eat, it was like a piece of art, but we could not resist the thick luscious slice of foie gras, a nice crust on the outside and buttery on the inside. The sauce was a nice compliment to the foie gras.


(Set) Scallop Veloute: Scallop sliced served with new vegetables, and creamy veloute. The scallop was raw, sweet and tender. The hot creamy veloute was luxurious and added complexity to the superb quality scallop.


(Set) Snow Fish: The snow fish was wrapped in bacon cooked to perfection served with light cherry jus along with tender leeks and white asparagus. The salty bacon and the succulent snow fish already impressed us but addition of seared foie gras had blown us away. This dish reminded us of a popular Chinese steamed fish with preserved salted plum. Intentionally or not, this dish is far more luxurious and complicated than the aforementioned version.

Pork 3 types main

(Set) Pork Loin: Roast Pork loin, crispy pork belly, peas puree, baby carrot, caramelized onion, red wine sauce and baby apple. This was a very well thought and executed dish. The tender pork loin was sweet, soft and juicy, while the crispy pork belly was out of this world. Chef Brown told us that the pork belly was cooked in duck fat at very low temperature for many hours (confit) before it was roasted in the oven for crispiness on the outside. Red wine sauce, dehydrated sweet apple sliced, and creamy peas puree help to enhance the dish. Surely, the name “Pork loin” doesn’t represent all the complexity in the plate.


Tajima (Australia) (2,700 baht): Roasted Tajima beef loin served with truffled potato gratin, carrot puree, sautéed vegetables with merlot jus. The beef was rare, the way we prefer when having superb quality beef. It was very tender and juicy. The potato gratin was rich, flavorful and tender, while the vegetable added some natural sweetness to this dish.

palete cleanser

Palete cleanser: passion fruit vanilla jelly with coconut sorbet topped with ginger bread crisp.


(Set) 50 Shades of Blue: Butterfly pea flower and amaretto panna cotta, lemon curd and ginger crumble. This is one of the best and beautiful desserts we have had in recent memory. The panna cotta was not too sweet but rich and silky, while the tanginess of the lemon curd helped to enhance the overall experience of this dessert. The berries, chocolate and ginger crumble were pleasant to the eyes as well as to our palate.


Berry soufflé (300 baht): Freshly baked berry soufflé served with So berry sorbet. This is one of the signature desserts of Park Society and it rightly deserves so. The soufflé was light and tangy while the So berry sorbet was also sweet and tart, giving this dessert a double tanginess.


Petite fours: from So’s Chocolab

Executive chef

Now Chef Paul Smart is executive chef of Sofitel So.

Chef and P Koong

Chef Angela Brown greeted us

Apart from the restaurant’s  great ambiance that allow us to see Bangkok transforms into its glittering charm at night, there is a cooking philosophy that make this place consistently great. For many years Chef Paul Smart, who always strive for innovation and excellence, has fostered Park Society into a success story. With Chef Angela Brown now taking the lead, she believes that “ingredients should be prepared and presented to their full potential”. We had witnessed her cuisine and we believe her cooking philosophy is a promising one for Park Society. The 5 course menu may change every month, for reservation and questions call: +662-6240000

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