Pixel Horizon by Montri Toemsombat

| January 30, 2012

100 Tonson Gallery celebrates the year 2012 by presenting the exhibition  “Pixel Horizon” by Montri Toemsombat, a highly distinctive Thai contemporary artist whose work has been recognized by national and international art institutions. Drawing inspiration from his personal experience, Montri’s latest collection of work reveals his most intimate thoughts yet.

Pixel Horizon presents Montri’s views on the disrupted issues caused by social structure through a pixel manipulation technique previously seen in his digital photography work, Nanothailand, which exhibited at 100 Tonson Gallery and 13th Jakarta Biennale in 2008. Heavily inspired by the effect of homosexuality on society and culture, Pixel Horizon is intended to create awareness and cultivate knowledge on the crucial subjects among individuals, society, and beyond.

The mixed- media exhibition will be on view from February 9 – April 8, 2012.
The party reception will be on Friday March 16, 2012 at 7 pm.

For more information, please contact us at info@100tonsongallery.com or +662 684 1527
Facebook : www.facebook.com/100tonsongallery

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