Politicsof ME

| June 7, 2012

An art exhibition for micro-perspectives

Organizedby Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre

9thfloor, Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre

From 29 June to 29 July 2012







Politics of ME is a contemporary art exhibitionpresenting personal aspects on world views, on views of society and onself-perceptions through the eyes of 17 new generation artists who pay strongattention to the circumstances surrounding them by taking ‘oneself’ as a partof the phenomenon or by engaging in self-inquiry relating to the attitudetowards particular issues.

When political views have partially become determinantsof the structure of living, Politics of ME presents both thoughts and artisticexpressions from the viewpoints of new generation which focus on the meaning ofliving that resides between idealology and reality. It also presents minorinfluences that are hidden among capitalism and international cultural mediawhich foster the idea and living of this generation who struggle foruninfluenced voices amid chaotic information. Methods of thought and alsomundane livings encourage the rise of individualism which deviates from commonstereotypes. The individual ways of living at the same time have formulatedvarious groups of concepts in order to present the ever-changing condition ofcontemporary people in the age of flux.

Through artworks, Politics of ME deals with range oftopics concerning the way young generation tackles coeval issues which generatecritical thinking process, the way they seek balance to handle self-conflict,how they cut the ideas and dissimilar images then paste them together in orderto redefine the word ” original”, the DIY ways of living led byinstinct for spiritual freedom that emphasize the renouncing of patronagesystem, the way technology is used as a tool to reshape our understandingstowards the world and lastly, the “looking forward attitude” that comes together with the notionof “good life” to look for the concept of possibility of physical andmental quality of life in the midst of current circumstances.

Not only art exhibition but Politics of ME isalso a collaboration between artists, book creators, and film directors tocontribute their viewpoints related to the theme and content of the exhibitionby presenting in the form of exhibition catalogue, art activities, short filmthat are to be posted on social networking websites. The objective of Politicsof ME is to reflect the society of young generation who bargain hard betweenexistence, the complixity of social structure,and influences of surroundingcircumstances; finally is to demonstrate social movements that circulate andform a network which allow forseeing any future possibilities.




2.Prapat Jiwarangsan


4.PanPan Narkprasert










14.Vorapong  Manupiphatphong





Anexhibition by BACC Exhibition Dept.

Curator: Pichaya Suphavanij

incollaboration with Apichat Yimyong, Pisitakun Kuantalaeng, NawapolThamrongrattanarit

Formore information:

Mediaand Public Relations Department, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

Tel.02 214 6630 # 520  Fax. 02 214 6639

Email – prbacc@hotmail.com
website – www.bacc.or.th  /  facebook – www.facebook.com/baccpage

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