‘Roland Aung’ is appointed as a new ‘Executive Assistant Manager’

| August 2, 2012

Pinit Krisanavanit, General Manager of Mode Sathorn Hotel Managed by Siam@Siam, the first fashionable lifestyle hotel in Bangkok recently announced the appointment of Roland Aung as an Executive Assistant Manager.

Roland is one of the hoteliers who can facilitate the efficient hotel management and operation, especially in the room division department. He worked for the opening team at other well-known hotels including Tai Pan Hotel Vientiane in 1993, Siam@Siam Design Hotel & Spa in 2006 and I Style TREND Hotel in 2009. His 19 years of experience and achievements in the hospitality industry will establish ‘Mode Sathorn Hotel Managed by Siam@Siam’ as the first ‘Fashionable Lifestyle’ hotel of Thailand.


Marketing Communications Department, Mode Sathorn Hotel Managed by Siam@Siam Ms. Maneerat Vechasit, Communications & Public Relations Manager Tel: 022173058 E-Mail: marcom@modesathorn.com Ms .Krongthong Kirdnark, Assistant Communications & Public Relations Manager Tel: 022173044 E-Mail: asst.marcom@modesathorn.com  

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