“Seafood French KAISEKI“ Maduzi Gastronomic Creation Series in October 2012

| September 27, 2012

Maduzi Restaurant by Yuya, is launching “Seafood French Kaiseki” as the first chapter of Maduzi Gastronomic Creation Series on the 1st  of October, 2012.  This special culinary series will offer a unique gastronomic experience by featuring new and rare kinds of ingredients or different culinary styles every 2-4 months.  Each theme challenges Chef Yuya to go beyond his own French cuisine background to come up with out-of-the-box creations.  The price for each chapter is based on the ingredients being used, pricing ranges from “affordable” to “premium” in accordance with each theme, which will help to ensure good value for the gourmet creations Maduzi offers.

The “Seafood French Kaiseki” opens our exciting gastronomic series from 1st October – 30th November, 2012, featuring seafood from all over the world in the Kaiseki style.  Kaiseki is a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner regarded as a type of art form that balances the taste, texture, appearance and colors of food, prepared in ways to enhance the flavor of seasonal ingredients and carefully presented on plates to reflect nature.  Chef Yuya is taking on this traditional way of serving food from his native country of Japan in order to translate it into his own style of French cuisine.  Affordable 4-course (1,500THB+) and 5-course (1,800THB+) “Mini Kaisekis” are available for easy entry to the world of French Kaiseki for curious food lovers, and for true gourmet lovers, an 8-course (2,850THB+) “Full Kaiseki”  is also available combining both 4-course and 5-course menus.

The series continues with the series’ 2nd Chapter, starting December 2012 and featuring the “Taste of Awaji”. This brings super gourmet ingredients from the southern Japanese island of Awaji to Thailand.  This chapter is not to be missed for gourmet lovers who want to enjoy premium ingredients directly sourced from meat and produce farmers in Japan.

Following the premium Awaji dinner is the 3rd chapter in April 2013, featuring “Comfort Food from Spain”.  In this chapter, Chef Yuya turns his table to the home cooking of France’s next-door neighbor Spain.  Taking a cue from Korean BBQ, where a variety of home-made small dishes are served with a main dish, run-of-the-house daily tapas dishes come with a main dish order for an evening of fun dining.  With a nod to affordable pricing, the diners can just pay for the main and still enjoy a range of Spanish home cooking.

The 4th, 5th and more chapters are to come in this dynamic gastronomic creation series, and all are invited to stay tuned for further announcements.


SEADOOD FRENCH KAISEKI DINNER / 1st October, 2012 – 30th November, 2012

Open from 18:30 – 22:00 (closed on Sundays)

(Menu details are subject to change depending upon the seasonal availability of the ingredients.)

For more information, pls. contact 02-615-6400 or reservation@maduzihotel.com or visit www.maduzihotel.com



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