Shanghai Lo’s Showcases Scrumptious and Modernistic Specialties

| March 31, 2014

Contemporary Shanghainese restaurant Shanghai Lo, located at The Tonno in Wanchai,is showcasing its signature dishes on two tasting menus,designed for two andpriced at HK$288 or HK$368.

The “Taste of Shanghai Lo” menu features an extravagant feast of new generation Shanghainese classics at the sultry candlelit venue, amid karaoke and live music lounges on Tonnochy Road. The beautifully presented tasting portions allow customers to fully experience every course.


The eight-course HK$288 menu starts with a platter of assorted delicacies, featuring Huadiao Wine “Drunken” Chicken and a Black Fungus dish, prepared in aged vinegar, aimed to open up the appetite with its slightly sour finish. Following is the exquisite Scrambled Egg White with Dried Conpoy, and its bite-sized portion is the perfect way to deliver a punch of fragrant flavours.

The Stir-fried Egg Noodle in Black Truffle continues the culinary journey through modern Shanghainese cuisine.This east-meets-west dish is a play on the traditional Cantonese soy-sauce fried noodle, but is elevated to the next level, where the soy sauce is replaced with decadent black truffle imported from France. The juicy and scrumptious Steamed Pork Dumplings with Black Truffle brings the menu to a close, with a dessert of Custard Egg-white to complete the feast.


The more prestigious nine-course menu opens with a platter, similar to the eight-course menu. Offering a larger range of delicacies, it includes the Steamed Egg White with Crab Broth, featuring smooth crab meat sautéed with ginger; a sweet, palate-cleansing dish, perfect to be served mid-meal.


Two delectable crab dishes follow, one being the Stir-fried Crab with Onion & Pepper. Usually served as a large sharing portion, the fried crab is served in a single serving size, so as not to overwhelm diners. This chili crab dish is fried with a variety of different chilies, and gives a spicy kick to the taste buds.  Following is the Braised Eel, a tender and light dish consisting of fresh-water eel that is cooked in a flavourful mushroom sauce.

The Shanghai Lo Sweet Temptation rounds up the menu, treating diners to a luscious finish.

Shanghai Lo( is at 1/F, The Tonno, 5 Tonnochy Road, Wanchai

Reservations: 3125 3232 / 9861 4717 or Email:

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