| August 16, 2012

After coming back from Tokyo I’ve been craving for Japanese cuisine. Been trying out many Japanese restaurant lately and really couldn’t have enough.  One place I always think of is Shintaro at the Four Season Hotel Bangkok. This time I was here on a week day, there were only a few tables available. The eatery is small and cozy with reflections of Japan written everywhere. Seating’s are a bit tight but it really brings back the memories of Tokyo.

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We started with Uminosachi Salada 460, a modern day salad with a Japanese twist. It comes with a light ginger and sesame dressing.

Hiyashiwakame 390

Apart from the traditional dish there are some creative dishes like Spicy tuna tempura sushi 500, has a sweet and spicy flavor with a crunch.

S&S scallop rolls 470, another creative maki roll, this one the scallops were mix with a spicy mayo sauce, top with fresh avocados.

Sushi pizza 420, filled with shrimp roe, shrimps, crab sticks, top with cheese then baked like a pizza.

Harajuku sashimi 1650, comes with sweet shrimp, salmon, hamachi, northern clams, and hokkaido scallop. The only thing I can complain about is there wasn’t enough.

Tororo Tekka don 720, soy wasabi marinated tuna and grated yam on vinegary rice.

Garlic steak 670, beef sirloin steak with garlic sauce.

Unagi kabayaki 650 grilled fresh water eel with sweet soy sauce.

Gindara teriyaki 680, Grilled codfish with soy sauce.

Jasmine custard 230, jasmine tea infused cream custard served with almond milk foam and black sesame cracker.

Mochi and marshmallow 220, warm sweet red bean soup with mochi and green tea marshmallow.

The food and the service were superb just as expected. I can’t get me mind off the raw fishes; they were fresh comes in large pieces. Chef Satoshi Sawada did a great job in the QC of each dish that come out the kitchen. Shintaro has been established for more than 15 years, one of the pioneers of Japanese restaurant in Bangkok.


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