Solo Travel Tips When Traveling in Thailand

| January 4, 2022

Solo traveling can be a unique and worthwhile adventure to undertake. It allows you to really open your wings and explore the world freely on your own terms. You get to learn a lot about yourself in the process and become renewed by the experience.

Thailand is a great destination that has attracted many solo travelers and adventurers. It’s very budget-friendly, and the people are warm and hospitable. It’s got a wide range of attractions, and so, you can indulge in your interests and have an immersive experience. If you wish to solo travel in Thailand, make sure to follow these tips to have a satisfying and rewarding experience:

Go for the Cheap Transportation Options

It’s great fun to roam around the places in Thailand on a scooter. Make sure to rent a scooter from a reliable business. Have a look at the reviews and past experiences of the customers before making the decision. Also, make sure you know how to ride the scooter before renting one, as you may find yourself unprepared for the riding experience through the streets of Thailand.

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If you are not uncomfortable with traveling on scooters, you can always find a tuk-tuk or a taxi. It would be best to opt for the tuk-tuks instead of the taxis as you may risk getting into an unlicensed taxi.

Make sure that the taxi driver switches on the meter; otherwise, you may end up paying unfair rates. You can also get on Songthaew and travel with others during the daytime. Keep in mind that many tourists have fallen for transportation scams and lost their money. Make sure not to travel when it gets too dark.

Stay in the Hostels

Hostels in Thailand have their unique charm and are preferred by many tourists. They are a much better alternative to paying excessive money for staying in luxury hotels. Staying in hotel rooms can also get quite lonely and boring.

The best part about the hostels is that you get to lots of interesting travelers from different parts of the world and explore Thailand with them. Most hostels in Thailand are affordable and well maintained.

You Can Make Money by Volunteering or Teaching

This is a great option to make money, especially if you are a student. There are plenty of great jobs that you can find in Thailand. You can work for a hostel or teach English to the locals. You can also get yourself enrolled in a volunteering program and enjoy the educational value that it has to provide.

Stay Vigilant

Although Thailand is generally safe, it is best to be aware of the places that you need to avoid or where you need to be extra careful. Make sure to stay vigilant and watch how much you drink at the parties. The last thing you want is someone to slip something in your drink and endanger you. Be careful around sex tourism and remember that many of the girls have been coerced into the business.

Also, when you are out shopping in the markets, make sure to count your change. It is highly unlikely you will have a bad experience as many shopkeepers in Thailand are honest and trustworthy. However, like in any country, you need to be wary as a foreigner and avoid getting cheated.

Use Technology

A travel app will help you save plenty of time. It will help you get accustomed to being in Thailand when you land there. It will help you find the best restaurants around you, and some apps also help you communicate with the locals. You will receive more information about the places and find the best places to visit.

Hence, a smartphone loaded with the right apps can undoubtedly make your life easier. Always make sure to have your phone fully charged and with you at all times. While commuting, you can also pass the time by gambling on your phone on reputed online casino websites like trusted online slot BTV168, which will allow you to have a lag-free gambling experience wherever you are.

Respect the Culture

It’s a good idea to learn more about the culture and attitudes of the Thai people before getting ready for your solo travel. Make sure that you take some time to learn some common Thai phrases and gain some basic fluency over the language. Be polite to the locals and remember to dress appropriately in public places, especially when you visit temples and monasteries.


The Thai people are very religious and have a deep Buddhist sentiment. They are generally very kind and helpful. After all, the country is known as the “land of smiles.” They are glad to help tourists and offer them suggestions and recommendations. Avoid keeping your feet up or engaging in physical contact when you talk to the locals.

Also, keep in mind that elephants are considered very sacred in the country, so the last thing you want to do is get caught riding one and displease the locals. However, you can always enjoy feeding and bathing them.

Enjoy Group Activities

There are plenty of group tours and activities that you can sign up for, where you will get to meet like-minded people and have fun. You can consider going for a guided group walking tour and taking in the sights at a slow pace.

It would also be a sin to miss the exploration of the one-of-a-kind Thai cuisine that is packed with flavors and rich textures. While you are in Thailand, you will find it a highly rewarding experience to join a cooking class and learn the basics of Thai Cuisine. You will make plenty of friends in these classes and have a great time.

All in All

These are some of the most important tips that you need to keep in mind while solo traveling in Thailand. The safety tips are generally the same, regardless of which country you are solo traveling in. However, it is essential to understand the country well in order to have a comfortable experience.

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