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| April 23, 2012

Cryptoart, the second exhibition by Bangkok based Spanish artist, The Raf will be on display at Eat Me from May 7 –  June 29, 2012. Born in Barcelona, Spain, 42-year old Rafael Andres studied Fine Art at the University of Barcelona and has over two decades experience working as a graphic designer. Having spent the last five years working in Asia, his debut exhibition Phylum delivered a surreal menagerie of imaginatively constructed bestial organisms that invoked the pioneering 19th century British naturalist Charles Darwin.

In the latest absurdist series Cryptoart, The Raf satirically reinterprets iconic masterpieces from the canons of art history. No artist is sacrosanct in Raf’s public defacement, whether ancient Greece’s Discobolus launching his lobotomized brain, God tickling Jesus to an erection a la Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, or a car crash piling into Munch’s The Scream.

In the spirit of Dada, The Raf’s digital alterations defile both the physical appearance as well as the thematic and symbolic authenticity of these cultural trophies in a post-modern carnival of ridicule. Delivered through a dark and ironic sense of Catalan humour, these mutilations form a visual esperpento that brings forth the comic and grotesque in an irreverent critique of the original context.

In Cryptoart, The Raf’s biting parodies are loaded with contemporary socio-political dissidence towards a self-absorbed society that languishes in a virtual-viral domain incapable of separating myth from reality.



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