| December 21, 2012

In its private haven of wellness and pampering surrounded by the soothing harmony of nature found in The Sukhothai’s lush green gardens, Spa Botanica is launching a new spa menu in collaboration with the world-class and award-winning organic Thai-owned spa Pañpuri with carefully created signature treatments using the pure, powerful natural antioxidants of Jasmine Free-Radical Defense Complex™, designed for pure indulgence and ultimate relaxation to restore your body, mind and soul.


Inspired by the delicate Thai jasmine blossom, an exquisite symbol of purity and eternity, a timeless icon of beauty and grace, the Jasmine Free-Radical Defense Complex™ captures the legendary healing and aromatic virtues of the purest white blossoms to boost the skin’s defense against aging, leaving skin looking naturally younger, firmer and more luminous.


Recommended spa treatments using pure, natural anti-aging skincare with uncompromising efficacy of Jasmine Free-Radical Defense Complex™ include the following:

Restorative Facial with Rejuvenating Eye Treatment

A combination of lifting and firming facial techniques that improve firmness, and combat the early signs of aging, this is pure unadulterated delight. A hydrating botanical mask rich in powerful flavonoids, polyphenols and humectants leads the path to an age-defying, hydrating experience that gifts your skin with antioxidant molecules that reduce puffiness, dark circles and fine lines under the eyes. This ultra-rich facial treatment promptly produces instant and visible results


Jasmine Purifying Ritual                                 

An ultimate mind and body ritual that evokes bygone eras of indulgence when the royal Thai jasmine was first used to sensually soften skin and promote a youthful, hydrated complexion. This top-to-toe experience is perfected by the subtle, alluring scent of jasmine that uplifts your soul and creates an unforgettable experience


Well selected Pañpuri retail products are also available for purchase in order to continue the relaxing touch at home or to share the sense of well-being with your loved ones.


For reservations, please call Spa Botanica: 66 (0) 2344 8900

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