“Swiss Food Festival” @ The Emerald Coffee Shop

| August 30, 2012

Switzerland is a country that is surrounded by mountain. Since they live in cold weather, their culture in eating is unlike any other people in the world.

They have all kinds of meat and cheese fondue. At the Emerald Coffee Shop of Emerald Hotel is available during buffet lunch and dinner only 550++ baht/person. We welcome you to try for the whole month of September 2012.


Special !! “Come 4 Pay 3” for only lunch buffet and except public holidays.  For more information, kindly call 0-2276-4567 ext. 8413-4

Kwanruen Liewtrakul Public Relations Director The Emerald Hotel , Bangkok Tel. 6622764567 Mobile 0812079919 Direct line 6622764795 Fax. 6622764769 email: pr@emeraldhotel.com

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