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| December 17, 2013

Bangkok’s  Tables at the Grand Hyatt Erawan has just launch new steak menu. There is no doubt that Tables makes one of the best Lobster Biques in town.  Also they make fine Traditional European  dishes. Their table side cooking is always entertaining. Lets take a look what Chef Michel Eschmann, Head Chef of Tables has created including the new steak dishes.


Starting with fresh oysters, there are 2 types;  Fine de Claire and Tasmanian  tables-hyatt-erawan02

Tuna Tartare avocado, tomato salsa 650


Seared Crab Cakes remoulade sauce 550


Caesar Salad 350 is one of the best in town. Another place that makes a Ceasar salad this good is the New York Steak House.


Boston Lobster cognac 750. I don’t know how they do it. Every time I’m here Michel Eschmann and his team makes the most amazing lobster bisque. It’s always consistent and it is one of the highlights of the meal.


For the main we started with the Tomahawk Chop 900 grams (2,700). It is an Australian 240 days grain fed Angus beef.


The sliced tomahawk with side dishes. When sliced it could be shared for 2 – 4 person. There was a wide selection of steak from the menu; tenderloin, sirloin, rib eye. There are also many grades of steaks from Australian Angus to USDA Prime to Japanese Kagoshima Wagyu. We tried the USDA prime tenderloin 220g (1,800) which was very tender a compare to the tomahawk. The USDA prime sirloin 380g  (2,300) had more fat in the meat which makes it tasty-er. My favorite was the Kagoshima rump 450g (2,300). It was a tougher cut compared to the other steaks. But with more marble score, it makes it really flavorful and for a steak the rough texture was appealing.


Apart from grilled steaks there are other beef dishes like Tournedos Rossini (1,500), Braised Beef Cheek(900). There are also non beef dishes like Dover Sole meunière (1,800), Boston Lobster thermidor (2,100)


For dessert, something hot, cold and packs a punch is the Baked Alaska berry compote (350). Flames from the liquor makes it an eye opener.


The chef preparing the cherry, table side.


Cherry Jubilée kirsch, cointreau, vanilla ice cream (350). It is one of the best in town.


To end the meal is more sweet; chocolate covered ice cream served as complimentary. I really don’t see that there is any problem with Tables Grand Hyatt Erawan old menu. They have been really consistent with each dish. As mention before, some of the dishes are one of the best you can find in Bangkok. Having a steak menu makes it even more appealing.

Tables Grand Hyatt Erawan
494 Rajdamri Road, Bangkok, Thailand, 10330
Tel: +66 2 254 1234

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