Tapas Menu only 99 Baht @ Wine Ninety-nine

| April 27, 2013

Tapas Menu only 99 Baht @ Wine Ninety-nine

Wine Ninety-nine of the Emerald Hotel. The new place for wine lovers, where the best selection of wines from all over the world are served and enjoys live music.

Asian and Western Tapas Menu also providing for you to choose such as Deep fried shrimps spring roll, Deep fried crab leg, Deep fried Siamese Bait, Prosciutto terrine with mesclun,  Salametti and Chorizos with mixed pickles, Grilled red – yellow and green bell pepper with anchovies, Dried fruit served with imported cheese….and more only Baht 99/dish.


Special promotion of “All you can drink” with wine, beer or whiskey only Baht 999/person during 19.00 – 01.00 hrs. every day

For more information, kindly call 0-2276-4567 ext. 8335

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