R THAI TAPAS series II at R Bar, Renaissance Bangkok

| August 27, 2019

Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprosong Hotel promises to delight the senses of R Thai Tapas series II featuring Progressive Thai-inspired cuisine with a modern twist at R Bar.

Multi-award-winning chef Prasertchai Trongvanichnam represents his creative take on Thai food using molecular gastronomy approach—a cooking style involving scientific disciplines. This Thai Tapas set was inspired by the multitude of Thai ingredients and the possibility that they have to offer. Chef Prasertchai thus reinvented tapas by infusing them with Thai culinary expression, using Thai herbs like bird’s chilli, tamarind, lemongrass, kaffir lime, mangosteen, fish sauce jelly and homemade hot chilli sauce as key ingredients to bring out characteristic flavours of traditional Thai food. The result is a set menu that perfectly fuses classic and modern appeals—one that makes a departure from conventional expectations and tempts diners to tease their palate with novelty in food.


Indulge in an exotic experience with our ‘R Thai Tapas’ event featuring 10-course. Get to feel different senses as you explore through each menu of Thai molecular tapas such as Gaeng Daeng; Lobster, red curry ice cream, apple and mint yogurt, smoked lychee, Hoi shell; apple cured scallop, smoked lychee, tomato jam, squid ink, edamame, sorrel, Poo-Char; King crab, coconut polenta, tomato chutney, fish sauce gel, coriander foam, Bai Tong Pao; Wagyu sirloin, cauliflower and galangal, banana, fish sauce gel, chilli sauce, banana leaves, Sorbet Apple Sato; green apple, mint, thai liquor, pickled pineapple jam and many more.


The veteran chef applied scientific knowledge in molecular gastronomy and visually presents these Thai tapas with unusual imagination to give an added sense of novelty, excitement, curiosity and modernity. A refreshing welcome drink is included as a special overture to this set menu.


During the 10-course meal journey, Chef Jack Prasertchai Trongvanichnam will share you the story behind each menu and the sense you would get to feel, taste or hear from different courses along the way which will take your gastronomy experience to a whole new level.


Priced at THB 1,690++ inclusive of 10-course dinner menu and a refreshing welcome drink. The R Thai Tapas will be available in sit down dinner style with maximum of 10 persons per day and available every Friday to Saturday from 26 July until November 30, 2019. Advance reservation is required.

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