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| January 30, 2012

Presents . . .UnforgettableValentine’s

The Anna Restaurant, a stylish eatery on Sathon Soi 6 (Evergreen Laurel Hotel) off North SathonRoad, is inviting those who is in love, about to be in love, or just wish theywere, to celebrate the joy of togetherness and courtship with a delectablecuisine guaranteed to satisfy both meat and seafood lovers on this Valentine’s Day.

February has long been known as the month of romance.Perhaps this is because it is also the month associated with Valentine’s Day celebrations. Even though Valentine’s Day originated in Europe as early as the14th Century, this special day has remained popular today and iscelebrated worldwide, even here in Thailand.

Not to be outdone, The Anna Restaurant’sculinary team has pulled out all the stops to make Tuesday, February 14th,2012 a day to be remembered with two unforgettable, set menus.  Theyare so tasty you’ll wish Valentine’sDay was celebrated for the entire month.

For those who are health cautious, the Grilled Norwegian Salmon set is an ideal option. To maximizethe nutrient value and achieve the best possible flavor, the salmon, used onthis romantic occasion, is marinated and sautéed before it is grilled toperfection.  The outside achieves a lightly crispy texture, while theinside remains tender and juicy. This main course is accompanied by a creamyHollandaise Sauce and tender, young asparagus.

Steak lovers . . .  you have not been forgotten!  Tocelebrate one of the most romantic days of the year, our chef has bought backthe all time beef lovers’ favorite – FilletMignon. This premier grade of beef will be cooked to your liking,and served with a red wine sauce and baked potato.

For starters, these two special set menus also include a choiceof French Onion Soup or a bowl ofhot Tomato Cream Soup along witha green salad. A chocolate, heart shaped cake, exclusively made for thisspecial occasion, will be served as a sweet ending to a perfect night.  Asa token of the restaurant’s appreciation to its patrons, every lady whodines on this special night will also receive a rose to take home.

Leave a lasting impression on your special someone this Valentine’s Day!  These twoexceptional set menus can be enjoyed during lunch and dinner but only onTuesday, February 14th.  Reservationsare highly recommended.

Centrally located in Bangkok, The Anna Restaurantis situated in a beautiful, colonial style mansion with 120 years of Bangkok history. Thebuilding’s furnishings are stylish but relaxed. The restaurant serves alarge selection of western and Thai delicacies complemented by a variety ofmouthwatering pastries. Many of the items featured at The Anna Restaurantwill not be found elsewhere. The restaurant’s two-story layout canaccommodate up to 200 guests. For those who prefer more secluded surroundings,the restaurant also provides 3private rooms that can seat as few as 10 or as many as 120 diners at a time.The restaurant offers an unpretentious welcome to one and all, from couplescelebrating a special night out to large groups of friends and familiesenjoying a leisurely get together.

Open daily from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., the restaurant is convenientlyreached via either Silom Road(Soi Pipat – Bangkok Bank main branch) or North Sathon Road (Sathon Soi 6 – Evergreen Laurel Hotel). To reserve atable for a memorable meal or a private room for any special occasion, pleasecall (02) 237 2788-9 or visit our website:

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