| September 3, 2014
Dilmah Tea, the Sri Lankan family tea company that passionately champions real tea inspired gastronomy and mixology, recently announced the launch of the first ever Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge in Thailand (  - scheduled to take place on two consecutive days from Sept. 30 – Oct. 1, 2014 at Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit.

Dilmah pioneered the concept of a Real High Tea Competition in 2007 to challenge chefs to understand tea, its variety and the limitless possibilities in tea gastronomy and tea mixology. Dilmah Tea Gastronomy is a tea culinary adventure carried out in cooperation with chefs and culinary associations around the world.  Dilmah’s culinary and tea events, held in partnership with World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS), have significantly improved the understanding amongst culinary professionals, the hospitality industry and tea aficionados giving them the opportunity to share the pleasure of tea in a unique way, by using tea as an ingredient or by matching tea with food.


The Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge, a platform to create the ultimate 21st century high tea at its most inventive with tea at the heart of it, has been staged in over 12 countries including Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Chile, and The Netherlands and will continue its journey around the world following the competition in Thailand.

“The Thailand Challenge will be a great opportunity for participants from the country’s culinary, hospitality and bartending industry to experiment and explore what tea has to offer in a contemporary style where novelty, innovation and creativity have become the game changers,” said Mr. Dilhan C. Fernando, younger son of Dilmah Founder Mr. Merrill J. Fernando, and the Director of Dilmah School of Tea  - the only school in the world dedicated to sharing knowledge on tea, and spearheads all Dilmah Tea Gastronomy projects around the world.

The two-day Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge Thailand 2014 is open to professional culinary teams from hotels/resorts/restaurants/culinary schools.  A team should consist of two persons – a Chef and a Food & Beverage person.

Participants will be judged by a panel of internationally acclaimed judges including Mr. Dilhan C. Fernando, award-winning Chef Bernd Uber, and Chef Jamnong Nirungsan, President of Thailand Chefs Association, who will award points based on a WACS (World Association of Chefs Societies) approved point system.


The Thailand winner will be invited to embark on a spectacular seven-day VIP all expenses paid  tour of Sri Lanka – the home of Dilmah as well as qualify to travel back to Sri Lanka to compete in the Dilmah Real High Tea Global Challenge due to take place mid-May 2015.

Dilmah is distributed by Global Premium Wine Co., Ltd. exclusively for Thailand.  For further information please contact Khun Tassanee 081 619 8290, Khun Fern 088 809 0714.


The Dilmah Tea Story

Dilmah – the single origin tea 100% pure Ceylon – is the only global tea brand grown, artisanally made and packed at origin by tea growers and the first tea brand who had taken a significant step further to explore tea and its relationship with gastronomy and mixology in a contemporary style.

Founder Merrill J. Fernando, who has dedicated over 60 years of his life to tea, guides his family business with care, pride and passion.  He and his two sons Dilhan and Malik ensure the world renowned Dilmah tea reach tea aficionadoes around the globe fresh and full of flavour “from the tea nursery right to their teacup”.

This lifelong appreciation, commitment and devotion to tea by the family of Teamen led to the conception of the Dilmah School of Tea.  Every year in May and November the School welcomes close to 100 senior Food & Beverage personnel from around the world.

Amongst various other innovative programmes Dilmah has successfully initiated are “The Chefs and the Tea Maker” which was launched in celebration of the 21st Anniversary of Dilmah in 2008 to fulfill the objective of integrating tea into modern lifestyles.  In July 2008, eight celebrated chefs and restauranteurs from prestigious Australian establishments visited Sri Lanka for a tea adventure which became “The Chefs and the Tea Maker” series.  During their tour the chefs were inspired to produce four tea infused food and beverage recipes each and collaborated to produce a collection of recipes featured in a book that was launched at the 21st anniversary events held in Australia.  Continuing the success of the Australian event, the Global event was launched in July 2010.  Dilmah has recently concluded the third and the biggest of the Chefs and the Tea Maker programme bringing together 10 reputed chefs from 10 countries representing some of the prestigious properties.

Dilmah Patriarch Merrill declared in the 1950s that “business is a matter of human service.”  Since he established his first business in 1962 earnings from his family tea business are shared with workers and the wider community, through the MJF (Merrill J. Fernando) Foundation and Dilmah Conservation.

The MJF Charitable Foundation designs, funds and implements over 150 projects each year.  Fulfilling Merrill’s personal pledge to care and share, the Foundation has changed the lives of over 10,000 people each year through education, housing, welfare and empowerment programmes.  Its schools offer education, scholarships and care to over 6,500 children and the Foundation’s Small Entrepreneur Programme has been hailed as an example of empowerment with dignity.

Fully funded by Dilmah and extending the strong belief that business must go beyond commercial objectives,  Dilmah Conservation was formed with the involvement of IUCN – the International Union for the Conservation Nature.  Dilmah Conservation strives to ensure the sustainable interaction of man and his natural environment.  Through its programmes in the areas of habitat and species conservation, ecosystem restoration, environment education and protection of biodiversity and indigenous communities, a firm commitment to sustainability in every part of the Dilmah business is complemented by a substantial effort to protect the environment.

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