The Oyster bar bangkok

| December 14, 2011

I just got my blood test report the other day. It shows hi cholesterol, not so good liver, and a hi amount of uric acid. My doctor was very concern. She called me on the phone to prohibit me from smoking, drinking, having food that is bad for me. That really sucks….. So next time on the reviews we will try to focus on more healthy food. But this time it is called what Thai people call “ting twon (ทิ้งทวน)”. The best way to do this is have some oysters. After making this hard decision, we headed to the Oysterbar which is located on Narathiwas Soi 24. If you know Oakwood City Residence. This restaurant is across from it. In the dark Soi, the oysterbar happened to be a small but vivid place. Through the glass door, a brightly lit ambiance, a 7 seater bar, a small open kitchen and just a few tables. The dinning space is only the size of one row house with a mezzanine. The bar is covered with iced and sea creators ready to be served. All of them are obviously not from Thailand like the Alaskan king crab, Dungeness crab, and all these strange looking clams and mussels. The ceiling is covered in light blue wallpaper of the sea, with maps of places framed on the grey wall. We did request for the best seats, that’s what we got. Our reserved seats were at the corner of the bar. Coming to a bar we should seat at the bar, I wouldn’t choose any other seating. Getting to see the girls behind the counter preparing the oyster and sea food is fun. But they looked really stressed, breaking oyster and crab shells is a dangerous job. If they were more out going it would be much more fun.

Chris, the friendly waiter from California came to greet us and recommend the menu. The chef prepared their signature “Seafood platter for us”, containing varieties of oysters, King Crab, mussels, clams, wild tiger pawns served with seaweed salad and condiments. The oysters in this dish are from many places and each one tasted a bit different, some are more fatty, some are more salty. All of them are really juicy, plump, and a little salty in itself which guarantees their freshness. They even have names for each type of oysters with descriptions and tasting notes. In the list from the menu shows more than 10 types of oyster from various regions, mostly in north America. That night we had Hama Hama from the Olympic Mountains , Eagle rock from Totten Inlet, Washington, Fanny Bay from the beaches of Baynes Sound, British Columbia. Having the oyster by itself without the dips are already good but there are 2 choices of dips an onion balsamic vinaigrette and a spicy vinaigrette.  The following dish was a recommended menu “Sake poached oyster, hijki butter” it is an oyster cooked with butter sauce and black seaweed.

Then Bradley Borchardt, the humble and experienced chef from Chicago served the next one to us. It is “ Mahi Mahi, pineapple-habanero rice, hibiscus-red wine butter” a warm water fish from Hawaii pan fried was cooked just right and went along well with pineapple rice and red wine sauce. While waiting for the second dish, We were greeted by khun Billy Marinelli, the owner of the oysterbar and had a conversation with him. Being an American who imports seafood, he opened this restaurant to be a show case of his imports. They have fresh seafood delivered twice a week every Tuesday and Friday. The menu keeps changing because each batch of seafood they get are different which depends on availability and freshness of seafood at that time. Tha last main dish is“Wild King Prawns, orechiette pasta, sweet corn, pea, smoked salmon cream” nice smoky flavor, and sweetness naturally from the corn with large wild king prawns from New Guinea.

After all dishes we can not refuse to have a dessert at the end . We then end up with “Yogurt with fresh fruit and berry syrup” a combination between mild yogurt and jackfruit with berry syrup in the bottom.

This is a place I wouldn’t bring my new date, having crabs and oysters in front of each other might not be the most prettiest thing, even though an aphrodisiac. I would come here if I am a big fan of oysters from north America and fresh seafood. The Oyster bar based their preferences on serving only imported seafood which makes the cost of each dish really high, and no doubt the quality is really high too


The Oyster bar bangkok

Address:395 Narathiwas, Soi 24, near Bangkok Gardens and Oakwood City Residences, Bangkok
Phone: 02 212 4809, 089 895 2762
Operating Hours : Open Tuesday to Sunday only evening, from 6 pm. to 11 pm. (Sunday 6 pm. to 10 pm.)
Text/ Photo: Vasin Srivarathanabul

Sample Menus:

Seafood platter                                              for two 2,000.- ( price may vary)
Sake poached oyster, hijki butter                          each 180 .-
Mahi Mahi, pineapple-habanero rice, hibiscus-red wine butter     550 .-
Wild King Prawns, orechiette pasta, sweet corn, pea, smoked salmon cream 600 .-
Yogert with fresh fruit and berry syrup                                              100.-

At-bangkok Ratings

Ambiance:  2.5
Food: 3.5
Service: 3.5
Value: 3

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