Top Five Things to do in Bangkok

| October 10, 2019


If you have bustling beaches, hustling nightlife, and vibrant traditions and architecture in mind for globe-trotting, then you must think Bangkok. Thailand’s capital city is a melting pot of culture, both colloquial and modern. It is everything that the young crowd dreams of in a vacation.

Bangkok has some very unique and enriching experiences to offer. Apart from spending your time at leisure in beaches, Bangkok has a lot in store to explore. There are a lot of things that can deserve your time, but here are the top five things that you must do while you are holidaying in Bangkok-

  1. Visit the Reclining Buddha

You don’t have to be religious to be visiting this absolute masterpiece. It is sheer architectural and sculpting brilliance to witness. The statue is located in Wat Pho. The Buddha statue stands fifteen meters tall and forty-six meters long. The feet of Buddha alone measures five meters long. The amazing part is that the entire sculpture is made of gold leaf. You will also find 108 bowls inside the temple complex. You can buy coins for the bowls as well. The reason why there are 108 bowls is that Buddha has completed 108 positive deeds to become perfect.

  1. Sky Train Ride

Traveling with the locals in a local means of commuting can be thrilling. What adds more to the experience is when you beat all the city traffic whilst capturing the picturesque beauty of the city. That’s what a sky train ride is all about in Bangkok. One of the best means of transport in the city, the train is truly a joy ride for every tourist. It is well connected, and all the important places in the town have a station that you can arrive at for further course of travel.

  1. Playing Online Casino Games

Bangkok is known for the casino activities that attract locals and tourists alike. There are many bookies who can get you onto sites through which you can engage in online casino games. You don’t have to visit any casino personally, as you get to experience them on sites like You can get going in the comfort of your hotel or while grabbing a few drinks at the Nana Plaza. It’s definitely a must-try experience while in Bangkok.

  1. Receive a Thai massage

You must have received the very rejuvenating Thai massage in your own country, but it must be nothing like what it is in Thailand. The country where the massage style originates from is the best undoubtedly. There are many massage parlours that you will come across while in Bangkok. The rates are cheap, and they are quite relaxing. Especially after a day of long travel and walking around, a little Thai retreat would not be a bad idea.

  1. Check into Sea Life Bangkok

Sea Life Bangkok is one of the largest aquariums in Southeast Asia. You can walk through a tunnel and watch different species of marine life swimming around you. Words fall short for the kind of experience that it is. While in Bangkok, spend a few hours here and find yourself lost in the marine pristine beauty that it has to offer.

From breath-taking beaches to museums, palaces, temples, relaxing treatments, bolster partying, and much more, Bangkok has a lot to offer. The capital city has remained a favourite hotspot for tourists from across the world. Bangkok is particularly traveller-friendly because of its reasonable travel expenses.


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