Tsubohachi Nihonmachi Bangkok

| October 24, 2015

Tsubohachi is a Japanese izakaya chain originated from Hokkaido Japan. There are ­over 300 branches in Japan. Now they are expanding to Bangkok with 5 branches and expanding.

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We went to the one at the Nihonmachi Japanese Mall on Sukhumvit soi 26. The ambiance was very Japanese; it was like they brought Japan to Bangkok. This includes the whole area of this mall.


We started with Tokumori Set (999 THB) which features 10 kinds of sashimi; Hotate, Buri, Shimesaba, Hokki, Salmon, Maguro, Tokobutsu, Ama Ebi, Ika, and Ikura Oroshi. Presentation wise, it was impressive, served on a large boat like dish. The colorful variation of sashimi just fills your heart.


Gekkeikan Traditional Sake (220 THB)

tsubuhachi14 tsubuhachi09 tsubuhachi10

Hokkai Kamameshi  (349 THB) An interesting dish of steamed Japanese rice, salmon, crab, scallops and mushrooms cooked in a flavorful broth in front of us on the table. It cooks for about 10 minutes but it’s worth the wait. The rice was steaming hot at the bottom of the pot the rice was a bit burnt intentionally which made an interesting texture to the dish.


Gokai!! Mushi or Juicy steamed Taraba crab with lemons, it’s very similar the Alaskan king crab but taraba is from Hokkaido, it has more fat and taste slightly sweeter. (999 THB)

tsubuhachi08 tsubuhachi07

Sukiyaki Pork Nabe (699 THB); udon noodle, pork with strips of fat, tofu and shitake mushrooms.  The broth was very tasty, combined with the chewy texture of udon and all the other ingredients make this a very fulfilling dish.

tsubuhachi13 tsubuhachi12

Potato Mentaiko Yaki (139 THB) is a marriage of Japanese and Italian cuisine, made of potatoes and fish eggs cooked with cheese served in a frying pan. It reminds me of pizza but not doubt it is also very Japanese.


Aburi Zuwaigani (699 THB) Grilled Zuwai crab. It was drier and has less meat than the Gokai mushi because of the way it was cooked and the type of crab. A little bit saltier and has nice smoky scent.

tsubuhachi05 tsubuhachi18

Sanshoku Masu-Zushi (329 THB); Salmon roe, crab and uni on top of rice, all my favorite items but a bit too small.


Engawa Nigini (99 THB for 2 pieces) is the fin of the sole fish; it has very high in fat content. When seared with open flame has a very nice aroma.


For dessert Roll de Matcha (119 THB) is a thin layer of moji cake covered with green tea and filled with thick iced whip cream and sweet red beans. A beautiful dish that ended the meal very well.

If you want the tasted of Japan without going to Japan, coming to experience the taste at Tsubohachi is pretty close to that.


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