Umm! Milk

| December 15, 2011

I’m not very aware of this brand name. But if I had to guess. It would probably be everything about milk that is delicious. Let see what all the hype of Umm! milk is all about. At Central World we were looking for a place to seat for some ice-cream or maybe a coffee. I have been told that Umm! milk has really good ice-cream. So we headed to Heaven on 7 to check this place out. The small shop has an open plan with 4 tables and a bar where you can order from milk, coffee, ice-cream to milk candy and milk tablets. The seatings are quite comfortable if you can find one.

We tried many varieties of ice-cream offered. The ones we like are rum raisin, chocolate, coffee and almonds, and milk. After having the ice-cream here we can see what the hype is all about. The major ingredient is milk! Owned by Chokchai farm which supplies all the milk for the ice-cream. They put so much milk in their ice-cream, giving it a very intense milk flavor. If you like just ice-cream not toppings than this is the place to be. The name says it all Umm! Milk.

Sampled Menu:
Ice-cream 1 scoop 43 baht
2 scoops 65 baht
3 scoops 95 baht
The ice-cream can also be packed in dry ice for take home in cups.
small cup 43 baht
big cup 150 baht
Milk tablet 40 baht
Milk Candy 40 baht

At-bangkok Ratings
Ambiance: 3
Food: 4
Service: 3.5
Value: 4.5

Address:Central World 7th floor Zone : Heaven on 7 Tel : 02-532-2846#146 Open-Close : 10.30am – 08.00pm

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