UNWTO confident Thailand continues to be an attractive tourist destination

| August 27, 2015
World Tourism Organization(UNWTO) confident Thailand continues to be an attractive tourist destination.  Thailand Minister of Tourism expedites plans to boost tourism through a visit to China to publicize plans for peak tourist season.  Compensation funds reassure that all victims will be compensated. DSC_6783Thai Tourism and Sports Minister Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul affirmed that the Thai government is providing its utmost assistance to families of victims of the Ratchaprasong bombing.  The Ministry of Tourism and Sports and the Department of Rights and Liberty Protection has been providing compensation for the injured and deceased.  Currently, 12 victims have been compensated totaling 3.6 million baht.

The situation is currently under control, while security and safety measures have been heightened through increased presence of security forces both in uniforms and plainclothes in various locations.  By all means, measures have been taken to ensure the highest degree of safety and security of both Thais and foreigners who are traveling to Thailand for all sorts of purposes whether it is for tourism, business, and education, to attend conferences, trade fairs, exhibitions or for various other reasons.

Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, Ministry of Thai Tourism and Sports clarifies plans to boost tourism from this point forward through a roadshow to China on 2-3 September 2015 in collaboration with China’s National Tourism Administration in Chengdu province.  The roadshow will be attended by some 200 plus business enterprises and more than 30 media representatives, to showcase popular tourist destinations within Thailand and to provide assurance and renew confidence to the tourism sector.


Carlos’s Vogeler, Director – Executive Secretary of Member Relationsat the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) stated thattourism in Thailand will certainly rebound during thehigh season as Thailand has some ofthe world’s mostbeautifulattractions that have captivated millions of tourists for many years.

According to President and CEO of the World Travel and Tourism Council, David Scowsill, other nations are perceptive and understanding of the situation and do share their empathy towards Thailand.  He also noted that assistance and remedial measures taken by both the public and private sectors have been impressive while he still regards Thailand as a prime tourist destination.

Areepong Bhoocha-oom, Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Sport and Tourism indicatedthat during the past week, tourist arrivals have declined by 7% compared to past trends and expects this number to fluctuate within the next couple of weeks.  On the other hand, tourist arrivals during 1-23 August 2015 totaled 2.1 million which is a 31.68% increase from the same period in the previous year.  However, it is undeniable that the Ratchaprasongincident will have an impact on the Thai tourism sector.  During such times of insecurity and instability, many nations have expressed their sympathy and condolences to the tragedy.  Indeed, it is the task of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and related agencies to join forces to initiate concrete measures that will ensure safety of tourists as well as to safeguard any potential risks of such events from occurring in future.  Some possible measures include the use of innovative technologies that have been developed for safety and security purposes, increased CCTV installations in various corners and blind spots, and increased security forces both in uniform and in plainclothes to survey and monitor certain areas.  Of vital importance, the Thai locals will no doubt play a prominent role in protecting the country’s peace and stability and are encouraged to immediately report any doubtful or suspicious events and sightings to authorities.

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