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Bangkok, 23 January 2012 – On February 14, lovers will have the chance to celebrate Valentine’s Day like nowhere else as Sofitel So Bangkok presents two tantalizing aphrodisiac set-menu dinners that are simply made for love. It will also provide the opportunity for loved ones to be the first to discover just what makes Sofitel So Bangkok so special before it officially opens its doors on February 28.

Both Valentine’s dinners are titled “So’Mantic Aphrodisiac Evening”, and lovers can expect the champagne, the roses, the romantic music, the candlelight, but what will touch their hearts and minds is the food, the food of love. In what must be two of the most innovative menus to be offered Bangkok diners, Sofitel So Bangkok’s Executive Chef Nicolas Vienne has surpassed himself in culinary creativity.

For lovers who like to enjoy a fun romantic evening in the company of others, Sofitel So Bangkok’s first Valentine’s option is dinner at the hotel’s outdoor pool and party venue, Waterclub. Located on the 10th floor, the ambience here is one of seduction under the stars in a relaxed setting by the pool with tables lit by the soft glow of candles. Guests will enjoy a 7-course set menu dinner, along with a complimentary bottle of Deutz Rose, and also have the chance to win a 1-night stay in an exclusive SPA Room with SPA treatment. All for the lovable price of Baht 5,900 net per couple.

For the ultimate in intimate dining, Sofitel So Bangkok’s other Valentine’s offering is exclusively for just one couple with a 7-course dinner served in The Box. This unique venue, one of the hotel’s most creative design features, is a breathtaking glass-walled space suspended in mid-air and commanding unmatched panoramas of the city below. Specially for this Valentine’s evening, the venue will be gorgeously laid out in gala dinner style with a huge centerpiece. The dinner, starting with caviar, will be complemented by a bottle of Dom Perrignon and a bottle of Chateau La Fleur Petrus. There will also be a bouquet of 101 red roses, live music and, naturally, a private butler. After dinner the couple will be hosted to a night’s stay in a SPA Room with SPA treatment. This perfect night of love is priced at Baht 50,000 net.

While the dinner menus are Waterclub and The Box are different, both are lovingly designed in erotic fashion, from “Foreplay” appetizers, through “Aphrodisiac Booster” main course, to “Final Seduction” desserts.  Dishes feature caviar, lobster, oysters, fish, veal and other gourmet choices, but it is the additional ingredients that truly distinguish the culinary creations. Here, Sofitel So’s chefs have drawn on a veritable pharmacopoeia of items renowned for their aphrodisiac properties. In all, some 27 herbs, spices, vegetables, fruits and other ingredients have been used in an A-Z of erotic foodstuffs, ranging from Almonds, a symbol of fertility, and aniseed, a popular aphrodisiac, and through the alphabet to vanilla, the scent and flavour of which are believed to increase passion.

Just as Sofitel So Bangkok’s design focuses on the traditional Five Elements – Earth, Water, Wood, Metal and Fire – “So’Mantic Aphrodisiac Evening” has all the elements for an evening of love and enchantment.

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