| February 16, 2015

The Vault Speakeasy Club combines straight ahead jazz reaching back into 1920’s Swing Era along with cutting edge dance beats. It is a unique venue that will soon open its doors to reveal its secrets in the heart of Bangkok.1 (2 of 137)

Stepping inside The Vault is to pass into another realm where opulence and hedonistic enjoyment coexist. Guests will find a luxurious space including the stylish Le derrière bar for mingling and enjoying a selection of the finest Cuban Cigars and Parisian themed bar.

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Events and entertainment at The Vault include period-themed parties and live music performance along with The Vault’s resident Fred Jungo, one of Bangkok’s most popular DJ’s,spinning current and retro funk, R&B and Disco Classics.

The Club offers guests unparalleled levels of service with a truly distinctive and memorable setting. All occasions at The Vault are enhanced, moreover, with enough fine food and drinks to outlast any prohibition of life’s earthly pleasures, among them unique creations by the venue’s own mixologists. The Vault offers largest selection of blended and single malt whiskies, a fine selection of wines, Cuban Cigars, 10 different choices of Champagne, a menu of over 60 creative cocktails, 45Mil pours (50% more than a standard pour)


The Vault features live international jazz artists and Djs On Sunday’s and Thursday’s, The Vault features swinging Jazz nights. On Tuesday’s is “Haute Couture-Fashion Night”. Thursday’s is “Privileged for Ladies Night”on Friday’s is “Soul Sister” night and Saturday’s is “Gangsters & Dolls Night”

“We are thrilled to open our doors and show Bangkok the unbelievable transformation we have made tothe former Q Bar Club and create a new locale for the SukhumvitSoi 11 nightlife district”, says IdrisDawud, The Vault’s Entertainment Director. “We are confident that our guests will be blown away with all the unique elementswe have to offer, and we look forward to providing the total nightlife experience, taking it up a notch andmaking The Vault Speakeasy Club everyone’s favorite new nightlife destination.”


Designed with A-list guests and the elite in mind, The Vault welcomes our guests to indulge themselves in a brand new elegantly designed nightclub and lounge. Speakeasies, or illegal drinking spots and the glamorous art deco architecture of 1920’s banks are the inspiration behind The Vault. With a retro-modern interior, opulent leather sofas and a custom crafted bar serving sophisticatedly refined cocktails designed by expert mixologists, the Vault aims to please.


Our selected VIP members are allowed to bring up to 3 guests each night.

For Non-Member entrance fee:

Sunday: 500 Bht including 2 complimentary drinks

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 700 Bht including 2 complimentary drinks

Friday& Saturday: 1,000 Bht including 3 complimentary drinks

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