| June 18, 2013
W Bangkok and co-sponsors are hosting a captivating photography exhibition,  “Everyday Portrait: Exhibition Description” where stories of life, society and culture of individuals in different walks of life are portrayed in more than 300 photographs taken by Chaiyasith Joonjuadee or Oat – renowned photographer known internationally for his portfolio that spans from documentary, fashion, commercial and wedding. The exhibition is on view from Friday 26 July, 2013 until Friday 9 August, 2013 at Ground floor W Bangkok.
W Bangkok’s General Manager, Mr. Nick Heath, enthused that W Hotels is known widely as the category buster in hotel and hospitality business that involves ultra-modern concept with fashion, music and design incorporated. So far, its passion in fashion, music, design and arts has materialized into many forms of collaboration and different activities.
“So far, W Bangkok has become major part in promoting and boosting activities that inspired and nurtured fashion, music, design and arts. With this passion in our DNA, we collaborate with Oat Chaiyasith, one of the most sought-after photographers, to host “Everyday Portrait: Exhibition Description” to really elaborate and emphasize our stand point.”
“Everyday Portrait: Exhibition Description” was displayed in London last year. The series deals with life story and cultural backgrounds of each individual, captured and delivered with an artistic view of the photographer to celebrate individualism reflected in the skin and the eyes of the models. The series took a full two years to finish, where the photographer took one model each day to express his or her life story in one-day time frame.
Oat professed that the models would represent different race, age and social classes to fully depict the wholeness of the society for the viewers to see the works in smaller scale as well as a big picture. “The inspiration behind “Everyday Portrait” comes from my life experiences. I moved from one location and entered another societal climate. Time went so fast and I could no longer absorb any feelings. The solution was that I had to capture memories, surroundings and interactions with the people around me in the photos. Each picture is a daily life of me interacting with many different people during the course of two years.”
Oat Chaiyasith is a professional photographer specializing in documentary, fashion, advertising and wedding photography who is most sought-after by many newlyweds. He has had extensive trainings with portrait photography since 2000 and has been working with various world-class photographers. Oat’s works have been well-accepted in several countries such as USA, Hong Kong, the Middle East and United Kingdom in particular. Oat’s photos have portrayed the reflections of his surroundings at different periods of time in his life. He has chosen convey the meanings of his photos in an easy to understand, yet, perfect through the dimensions of art, messages and memories.


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