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| February 7, 2019

Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC), one of Thailand’s leading property developers, will stage a thrilling festive spectacular in Ratchaprasong for the second year in a row. “Beautiful Bangkok 2019: The Symphony of Happiness” by MQDC will combine creativity with technology to project colorful, vibrant, and imaginative works by 7 leading Thai artists on Magnolias Ratchadamri Boulevard (MRB) to amaze and delight Thais and tourists during Christmas and New Year, with performances during 18–31 December 2018. The stunning show’s audience is set to surge by almost 50%, climbing from 600,000 people daily last year to 900,000 this year.

The press conference for “Beautiful Bangkok 2019” took place recently on the 4th floor of MRB, with the presence of MDQC CEO Mr. Visit Malaisirirat, MQDC Executive Vice President for Corporate Marketing and Communications Mrs. Sasinan Allmand, and Ratchaprasong Square Trade Association (RSTA) representative Ms. Nattaporn Chevamongkol, as well as 7 internationally recognized Thai artists: P7, MUEBON, Pai Lactobacillus, Tikkywow, Keep Your Eyes On team, TRK and Bonus TMC. The press conference also involved several distinguished guests and reporters.

Mr. Visit Malaisirirat, CEO of Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC), said: “This is the second year that MQDC will create a sensation through ‘Beautiful Bangkok’, a magnificent light-and-sound projection show on the 60-story Magnolias Ratchadamri Boulevard or MRB. This event is aimed at amazing and delighting Thais and tourists during the festive season. Last year, our event was staged under the name of ‘Beautiful Bangkok by Magnolias @Ratchaprasong’. The highly successfully event significantly boosted the number of visitors to Ratchaprasong area for its light decorations.

“As a member of the RSTA, we are a part of the business district that has been the heart of Thailand and is known as a world-famous lifestyle hub. We are also confident that MQDC and MRB, in collaboration with the RSTA, have complemented the beautiful landscape of Ratchaprasong/Ratchadamri.

“This year, MQDC will reaffirm its place in the RSTA by bringing back the impressive sensation of enchanting colors that will complete Ratchaprasong’s wonderful energy. We will stage ‘Beautiful Bangkok 2019: The Symphony of Happiness’, a stunning 3D projection mapping show on our 60-story building, in collaboration with the RSTA for Christmas and New Year celebrations. Our main goals are to respond to the government’s policy to promote tourism and to enhance Bangkok’s image as a world-class tourist city.”

Mr. Visit revealed that: “We have allocated a budget of about THB100 million for ‘Beautiful Bangkok: The Symphony of Happiness’. Combining creativity with technology, this spectacular show will present colorful, vibrant, and imaginative works by seven leading Thai artists, and attract Thais and tourists alike. The outstanding façade of Magnolias Ratchadamri Boulevard (MRB) will contribute to the show by serving as a screen for projections. Enabled by high technology, the show will once again highlight Bangkok’s beauty before the eyes of the world. This is a special gift from us for Bangkok residents, as we wish to put smiles on their face by making them happy and proud. We believe ‘Beautiful Bangkok 2019’ will attract a huge number of tourists during the upcoming festive season.

“We would like to invite Thais and foreigners to watch our upcoming spectacular show. Our team has worked with dedication to prepare Beautiful Bangkok 2019 as a New Year gift to everyone. Come and enjoy this amazing event, presenting internationally acclaimed Thai artists’ creations in an amazing way. Enjoy the show and be proud of being Thai,” Mr. Visit added.

The excitingly stunning 3D-projection-mapping show will be staged between 18 and 31 December 2018 based on the following schedule. On 18 Dec 18, there will be 7 rounds beginning at 7.20pm/7.40pm/8pm/ 8.20pm/8.40pm/9pm and 9.20pm. Between 19 and 30 Dec 18, 7 rounds will start at 7pm/7.20pm/7.40pm/8pm/8.20pm/8.40pm and 9pm. Special for 31 Dec 18, there will be 7 rounds PLUS Countdown round at 11.55pm.

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