Wellness Month at Metropoliatan Bangkok

| March 19, 2013


Join our local and international leading, wellness experts at Metropolitan by COMO, Bangkok during ‘Wellness Month’ in March


Experts in ‘raw food’, massage therapy and yoga will be on hand at COMO Shambhala Urban Escape throughout March as part of a dedicated ‘Wellness Month’ at Metropolitan by COMO, Bangkok. The schedule is open to both guests of the hotel, Bangkok residents and members of the spa.

Raw food specialist Diana Von Cranach, and the renowned musculo-skeletal therapist Rohan Quarry Day, are among the experts who will be resident with us throughout the month. They will be delivering a packed schedule of classes and sessions that will help clients share in their knowledge and expertise.  Local Thai experts in yoga (including facial yoga) and Pilates will also be running special classes during the month.


Diana Von Cranach, who is widely acknowledged for her contribution towards the raw food movement, collaborates with COMO Shambhala regularly at Metropolitan, Bangkok and at COMO Shambhala Estate, Bali. Together with the hotel’s Executive Chef Chris Miller, Diana will be on hand to share her tips for getting the most out of raw cooking.  Guests will be able to take part in a raw cooking class with a specific focus on Thai and Balinese menus. Diana’s delicious, enzyme-packed raw menu will also be available to order at the Metropolitan’s healthy glow restaurant. Diana Von Cranach said: “I am excited to work again with Chris Miller of glow restaurant – our collaboration will highlight the best of Asian cuisine via Living Foods, specifically Thai and Balinese flavours, all sourced from the freshest, local produce.”


Australian-born Rohan Quarry Day is the founder of Musculo-skeletal Deep Tissue Massage Therapy, a powerful combination of many different types of therapy, personally developed by Rohan after years of studying and working with a wide range of clients, to relieve symptoms of pain, stress and tiredness. His renowned hands-on healing therapy has won him a dedicated clientele all over the world, from stressed out executives to Olympic athletes. Rohan, a long-term collaborator with COMO Shambhala will be offering a number of one-to-one sessions at the Escape over selected dates.

Other special classes on offer will include:

·         Yoga for Urbanites: Local yoga expert Shane Cox will show you how to de-stress your life through yoga.

·         Strengthening the Core through Pilates: This class is led by Bangkok based Pilates instructor Bell Suphatachaya Lattisophonkul.

·         Face Yoga with Chatrisa Srisarntiwong: This half-day workshop will show you how to tighten tone and combat the signs of ageing.

For a full calendar of what’s on during Wellness Month at COMO Shambhala Urban Escape, Bangkok, visit comohotels.com/metropolitanbangkok, call +66 2 625 3355 or email met.bkk@comoshambhala.com

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