Yamazato in full bloom for Chrysanthemum Festival

| August 7, 2014
Yamazato, the award-winning signature Japanese restaurant at The Okura Prestige Bangkok, has created lunch and dinner menus for guests celebrating the annual ‘Chōyō’ Chrysanthemum Festival on 9 September. This is one of five such seasonal events in Japan and it’s inspired by the ancient double nine tradition in China where the ninth day of the ninth month is believed to bring good fortune.
In Japan, sake is sipped with chrysanthemum petals and chrysanthemum doll exhibitions and flower shows take place throughout the country in early September. The Imperial Court at one time held banquets each year to celebrate the ‘Chōyō’ Chrysanthemum Festival.
At Yamazato, Master Chef Shigeru Hagiwara has created new set lunch and dinner menus in honour of the last of five annual seasonal celebrations. The set lunch menu, priced at Baht 800++, features a starter course of Ginkgo nut sesame tofu with chrysanthemum starchy sauce; hot clear soup with seasonal dumpling Shimeji mushroom, chrysanthemum green vegetable and citrus; a sashimi course comprising bonito with ginger and seasonings; a grilled dish of mackerel and mushrooms dressed with thick starchy sauce and chives, followed by a simmered eggplant, saury fish, taro pumpkin, parboiled Shimeji mushrooms, carrot and citrus. The tempura dish is shrimp with sillago and vegetable and the rice dish features traditional chestnut, Japanese perilla and honewort.
The Kaiseki dinner menu, priced at Baht 3,000++, is a fitting tribute to the ‘Chōyō’ Chrysanthemum Festival and begins with a starter course of broiled salmon with Chinese yam, grilled Maitake mushroom, garland chrysanthemum and Yoshino vinegar with chrysanthemum field caviar; sea eel deep fried with egg yolk and chrysanthemum in soup with Shimeji mushroom, green vegetable and citrus; a sashimi course of tuna belly, saury fish, sweet shrimp and scallop; grilled barracuda, Matsutake mushroom with Ginkgo nut, steamed chestnut and citrus Sudachi, and steamed snow fish with tofu skin, lotus root and mushrooms, fish starchy sauce and carrot.
The rice dish features steamed rice with yellowtail and sesame in tea broth and the Kaiseki dinner ends in style with a dessert course of sweet potato paste, Matcha sauce and assorted seasonal fruit.
Special set menu for celebrating the annual ‘Chōyō’ Chrysanthemum Festival is available for lunch and dinner from 30 August to 9 September 2014. Yamazato is located on the 24th floor of The Okura Prestige Bangkok. Open daily for lunch and dinner from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm and 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm. Reservations are recommended. Please call 02 687 9000 or email yamazato@okurabangkok.com. All prices are subject to 10% service charge and 7% government tax.


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