New York Steak House Sunday brunch

| October 22, 2013

The New York at the JW Marriott has been Bangkok’s leading restaurant when it comes to steaks. I can still remember the last time there, we tried the tomahawk a large cut from the rib with bones still intact. This time we were here for the new Sunday brunch concept called “the secret society”. To get in you would need a pass word to tell the door keeper. Once in we were a bit surprised. As a Sunday brunch we were expecting buffet stations and hustling and bustling. There were no stations or the business of people trying to get the best piece of food. For a change it felt relax and clam.

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The way it is here is pretty different from other places, all the food is served at the table. It is a gigantic 4 course feast Sunday brunch. Once we were seated you’ll be served a refreshing welcome drink, the ambiance feels really cozy with dim lighting. Together with large leather seats, beautiful photographs of Manhattan and hospitable service staffs make a very warm welcome.


We also choose to have free flow wines for 1350++ per person. A variety of well selected wines from Australia were offer. Khun Nae was very attentive and did a great job with the service.

The Sunday Brunch


Not long after we got ourselves settled a bunch of service staffs came to our table and 3 layers of chilled fresh seafood were on our table. There were two large lobsters, Alaskan king crab legs, baked scallops, prawns, mussels, baby octopus, and oysters. All of them were very fresh and tasted wonderful but there so much if we finish it there will be no room left for the mains.


While we were enjoying the seafood tower, khun Toey brought up a trolley at the side of our table. She was making the New York signature dish, the Caesar salad. Every lettuce was carefully dress with the freshly homemade dressing. The fresh lettuce was nicely chilled with the dressing, croutons, parmesan, and homemade bacon all made it the perfect salad.


Next was a variety of steaks, meats and seafood to choose from:

  • Roast prime rib,
  • USDA CAB prime Angus tenderloin,
  • USDA CAB prime Angus striploin,
  • The Tournedos; tenderloin with pan fried foie gras
  • The Surf n’ Turf; tenderloin with Maine lobster
  • The Snow fish
  • The Rack of Lamb


We choose four different items from the menu to share among four of us. The prime rib was served from the trolley and sliced at the table side. It was a big one, cooked just right pink inside charred outside, really juicy and tender.


The Tournedos is a 6oz USDA CAB tenderloin with pan fried foie gras. It was very tasty and tender even more than tender the prime rib. The Foie Gras was a complement to the steak, switching between the 2 or having them at the same time give a different experience each time.


The rack of lamb was imported from Gippsland Australia, grass fed perfectly cooked. There were two thick pieces each one had herb crust. Side dishes served with the main dishes are mash potatoes, baby carrots, and green peas.


One of my favorite cut of the beef is the striploin, the high marbling and the fat makes it worthwhile to get the extra calories. The USDA CAB prime Angus striploin was what I had in mind for the perfect steak.  It doesn’t look like much but after one bite you know it is the star of the meal. It was bursting with flavors even though it was not as tender as the tenderloin or the prime rib but the texture had charisma.

Dessert was a choice of four:

  • The Big Apple Pie
  • The New York CheeseCake
  • The Brooklyn Chocolate Lava Cake
  • The Baked Alaska

We tried all accept for the Big Apple because there was no room left to taste anymore. Some of the steaks and the seafood was ordered for take away because we can’t simply finish all and it makes no since to throw something this good away.


While waiting for the dessert some group of staff led by khun Stephanie sneaked in on me as they knew from my son that it was my birthday and gave me a birthday song with a cake. She knew it from my son just by talking with him a short while ago and plan the nice surprised.


The Brooklyn Chocolate Lava Cake has a rich chocolate filling. The cake texture was crusty which made an interesting combination with the melting chocolate.


The baked Alaska is a rare pie like dessert made from many elements. The top is a fluffy meringue baked so the heat makes the form stable, inside a raspberry sorbet and hazelnut gelato surrounded by fresh berries and berry sauce. It’s a beautiful dish and tasting it is even better.


Lastly the New York Cheesecake it’s got to be the king of all dessert in my opinion.  It looks simple and easy but the taste was out of this world a wonderful to end the meal.

The New York Steak house team did put a lot of effort to create this Sunday brunch concept which is very unique. One drawback is the variety was not as much as the all you can eat Sunday brunches from other places. But the quality of the food is superior to other Sunday brunches especially the steaks. For me the food was more than enough. For the price of 2400++ is reasonable considering a steak at this quality would cost just as much. As it is a secret society I cannot give you the password but it is No Bull.

New York Steak House JW Marriott Hotel 4 Sukhumvit Road Soi 2, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Phone+66 2656 7700 


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