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| August 13, 2012

Zuma Bangkok is one of the restaurants that we have been looking forward to trying not only because of the rave reviews from friends but also its long-standing reputation around the globe. Located in the luxurious St. Regis Bangkok, very few Japanese restaurants in Thailand offer a fine dining experience like Zuma. Once we enter the premises, we noticed really huge rocks and wood panels are assembled as the main décor, giving the restaurant somewhat a grandeur feeling.

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There is also an option to sit outside but due to the rainy season we did not want to take any risks. We started the evening with Zuma’s signature cocktail drink – Rubabu(275), and yes the taste was as delicious as its color.

Mr. Tewin Noppakaothada, Zuma’s brand Ambassador helped us selected food throughout the meal. We order Zuma brand Sake to pair with our dinner.

We started the evening with some appetizers.

Crispy fried squid(250) with green chillies sea salt and lime. A Japanese version of fried Calamari, very crispy battered and well seasoned.

Zuma salad(280): fresh beet root, mixed greens, fried tofu served with miso maple dressing. The dish had a nice combination of textures with a light dressing.

Heirloom tomato salad(280) with ginger spring onion dressing and roasted eggplant. This dish took us by surprise, it didn’t look like much but it was one of the best salads we ever had. The heirloom tomatoes itself were already sweet and delicious. The chef charred the tomatoes skin to get a smokey scent but did not make the tomatoes less firm, then he chilled it, combined with sweet and sour dressing made it so refreshing.

Yellowtail with green chilli relish pozu and pickled garlic (480). We liked the flavor and the freshness of this dish our only compliant was the yellowtail was sliced too thin.

Another Sake we tried was this one unfiltered which makes it lightly cloudy. Then we tried some of maki rolls and sashimi.

Sashimi moriawase (1,100): otoro, golden eye bream and Hokkaido scallop. The otoro just melted in our mouths, the scallop and the golden eye bream was tender and sweet. All of them were very fresh, simply top notch quality.

Dynamite spider roll(460), fried softshell crab, spicy mayo, cucumber wrap with crispy seaweed.

Zuma dragon maki(620) consists of prawn tempura, freshwater eel, covered with spicy tempura flakes avocado, topped with fried bonito flakes, and minced sweet shrimp. We are a big fan of creative maki roll, this one was really something quite special in terms of taste and texture.

Rib eye steaks(1,850) in sweet soy sauce topped with crispy sesame seeds. Perfectly cooked Aussie rib eye was so tender we needed really little chewing. Our only comment was the sauce was a bit too sweet for our taste. Maybe have the sauce on the side would help.

Then came what our friend highly recommended at Zuma, miso marinated black cod in hoba leaf(1,280). The miso and hoba leaf scented the delicate black cod. Again the dish was very tasty and luscious, but for our taste buds, it was too sweet.

We ended our pleasant evening with two desserts. Jasmine poached with peach with wild semi frozen strawberries, white chocolate and peach sorbet(420). A great creation by Zuma, quite a feast for the eyes too.

Sinful chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream, a must for chocolate lovers. (only available by request not in the menu)

From left: Vanessa Wannasiri S. Lifestyle Guru, Patrick Martens, Executive Chef, Patrick Gerard McHugh, General Manager

We like Japanese food because it is usually unpretentious and depends largely on the quality of the ingredients but in Zuma’s case Executive Chef Patrick Marten has been very creative with his top notch ingredients and quality control superbly. While there are so many Japanese restaurants in Bangkok nowadays, Zuma is in a league of its own.

For more details contact Zuma
Tel +66 2252 4707

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